Ho-oh Best fire pokemon go?

Hello i’m french trainer and it’s my first topic here.
I have a lucky hoho with hidden power fire.

what is its place in the current meta?

Can it compete with sulfura or entei ?

I can not find hoho in the heat map of go hub counters

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Yes, 100% Ho-Oh is Best Fire Pokemon in the game currently. Your’s is not, so I wouldn’t spend the candy yet.


It doesn’t have the DPS sadly, but it does have the TDO. Entei does a slightly better job, and also has the DPS to boot. Still, that Ho-Oh might do well as a Fire-type anchor. There will be Pokemon in Raid Battles that are only weak to Fire, so that Ho-Oh should do well then.

Better in what way? The GoHub’s own meta-relevance report doesn’t have Ho-oh in the top three, much less as the best.

That’s why people ask the question. It’s always good to get a 2nd opinion.

Ho-oh has good stat but not good movesets, compared to other fire types

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Where’s Heatran fit in the scheme of things for Fire?

Really hoping Ho gets better moves as I would like a reason to MAX out my 100%.

The site I looked at doesn’t even have Heatran listed so must be old info. I just wanted to answer a question without defaulting to the Hub for once. But it appears that the Hub has best info.

Heatran is also a great Fire-type anchor, especially due to his Steel subtype which really increases his TDO. If you’re short on Fire-types, or have a problem of staying in the fight, I recommend going in with high-DPS first and then end with high-TDO. That’s how I orchestrate my teams usually.

Did a bit of research to build my claim on. The “quick and dirty” kind so nothing special, but im fairly confident in my answer:

Is Ho-oh the best fire pokemon? NO.

Ive looked at three level 5 raids you could use it against:
Arceus bug (fictional so far)
Arceus grass (fictional so far)

Its Total Damage Output (TDO) is high. 1st, 6th and 4th respectively.
For the Estimator however (how many people with level 40 100% Ho-ohs you need to complete the raid) its a bit less great.
18th, 19th and 20th respectively. In all three cases you need 4 people to finish the raid if you only use Ho-oh. If you use Moltres for example you only need 3. Moltres takes the number 1 spot for all 3 raids in the estimator here, with not that much faints more than Ho-oh.

So if you want to do as much damage as you can with just 1 pokemon: Ho-oh isnt that bad.
If you want to do as much damage as you can in the time you have to raid, or with as little people as possible, there are better options. Usually Moltres, but both Entei and Blaziken are great options aswell.

Personally, i go for the second group. TDO doesnt mean much to me since i wont have the time to do all that damage. Ive got plenty of potions so it also doesnt matter if i use something that dies fast.

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Theres better :sweat_smile:
I always go to Pokebattler. That takes more variables into account as far as i can see.