Highest kill count

66258F34-6FEE-4531-8349-3F757EFB710FAs title says what has been your highest kill count in a sitting in a single gym.

Mines probably 1 or 2 lol my mon arent weak but it is easier to defeat a defender. Also i noticed sometimes if one of my mons die by a defender their kill count doesnt go up. So with that in mind it may be higher.

Whats yours?

edit- to clarify i mean when your mon is defending and win a fight an earns a victory point(beside timer when in gym)

Like beating Pokemon in a row?
My power-upped Metagross, Tyranitar, Dragonite, Kyogre, and all of that easily sweep the entire gym if its low enough without dying (especially Metagross, that thing is a monster)

66258F34-6FEE-4531-8349-3F757EFB710FI mean defending a gym. Where your mon is the defender and it says beside the timer if it defeated a mon.

Oooh ok
Cant find that, I only have one mon in a gym and it wasnt attacked yet

The kill count is very inaccurate i believe. But mine is usually 0 or 1 and maybe 2 once before can’t remember but if you check the actual gym it’s self it shows more kills(those are what you got from winning in attack mode not defense)

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Mines also normally 0 or 1 also.