Hidden Power type?

I’d like to make my most-perfect Legendaries into the strongest attacker possible, using Elite TM if needed. Regigigas shows Normal-Type Hidden Power as the best fast move. Repeated use of Fast TM switched back to Dragon Type Hidden Power every time, and the Elite Fast TM did not show a choice of which type, either.

Question 1: How significant is the typing for the effectiveness of Hidden Power?
Question 2: Is there any way for me to choose which type of Hidden Power?

If your Pokémon has STAB with the Hidden Power type, it will certainly help it along. For instance, my Ho-Oh has a Flying-type Hidden Power, which helps it substantially as a Flying-type attacker now that Brave Bird got a much needed improvement.

Sadly, you cannot change the typing of Hidden Power. It’s locked onto the Pokémon you have.

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So for Hidden Power, the Elite Fast TM ain’t so Elite… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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