Hi, where can i find the website's owner/admin/managers?

Apologize in advance if it is not the right place for such topic, but i’ve been trying to reach the owners/managers for a while now.


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Well @apavlinovic is the owner but he’s been pretty inactive for a while and @Jormdeworm and @bagguille are two pretty active mods so you could reach out to them


Thanks! :slight_smile:
Is there a way to send private messages?

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Click on someone’s profile picture or when they are @d (whoever you want to pm) then click message at the top

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What is it you need @Hoolize?

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Did you forget anyone? :wink:


Yeah I do have a pretty bad memory…

I was just teasing. @Jormdeworm and @bagguille do post more frequently than me. :grin:

You still are pretty active though

Thanks again!

Hi, i’m interested in advertising on GOhub. Can’t find much details on the website regarding placements inquires. I’ve had one of my employees reach out via the contact email which is not responsive.