Hi I'm new here

Hi I’m new here, so I don’t have legendaries or anything. What should I do first.
I am level 14. My town hae not many pokestops or gyms compared to rhe youtuber


does your town have at least a few stops and gyms or are we really talking about rural (like 1 stop and 1 gym total)? I hope the first.

On the top of my head the first 2 things i would do:

  1. catch every mon to get stardust and candy to get yourself a decent team to attack gyms for coins / raids (check IV’s before pumping your stardust into a mon)
  2. camp out legendary raids to try and meet other players. Make friends to play with and to raid with. Once you raid, things will start snowballing from there. Playing PoGo is way more fun if you don’t play alone.

How many gyms/stops do you have near you?

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Welcome! Here some tips for getting better.

  1. Do easy raids(lvl1) for xp and candy for gen 1 starter evolves
  2. Search ralts and aron. They are not that rare amd they will become strong.
  3. Prepare for community day 2! There will be dratini’s everywhere!
    More tips maybe coming soon.

Since you’re such a low level, make sure you know what types work best against each other. You also want to use lucky eggs to get your level up as quickly as possible

If you live in an active pogo community, you will want to focus on legendary raids and the popular level four raids (tyranitar, absol, aggron). They will give you the most xp and give you the strongest mons you can get at your current level. You will need to team up with strong trainers in order to take them down. I would ignore level 2 and 3 raids for now as they will be impossible for you to take down alone at this point and other trainers usually don’t bother with them, so there is no help.

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Welcome! Catch many pokemon and do gym battles to understand type advantages and skill better, and gym battles also give xp. Participate in events, such as the upcoming community day on 2/24/2017 to get 3 times catch stardust and dratini, which evolves into dragonite, a very strong dragon type. If you are focused on xp, raids give 3000xp +. Enjoy the game!

Watch these to start with if you haven’t already, the basics are still relevant but there are now new Pokémon to battle with. You may also want to watch videos posted by Prodigies Nation, Mystic7 & Reversal who deal with the same topics (just search for the topics on their channels).
Hope this helps!!!

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First of all welcome! All the tips above are good ones, I would try and meet up with some of your local players Take advantage of events and use your stardust wisely! I wasted more than I care to admit before I figured this out so I have a several level 25 to 28 mediocore pokemon. Catch everything and mass evolve with a lucky egg. I hope.this game brings you as much fun and friendship as it has for me.