Hi everyone, I'm new, I would like to share a little bit about Pokémon GO.

“It is safe to say that you are as yet playing Pokémon GO?”

That is an inquiry that springs up practically at whatever point the game is referenced. Answer: yes! It’s once in a while the promotion beast that swarms the asphalt, making swarms streak as it accomplishes for half a month after dispatch - and that is most likely better for everybody. Yet, many individuals actually play. Enough individuals expect the game can in any case be found in the main 20 earning applications list on the iOS App Store. Sufficiently individual to fill a huge ol 'park that would some way or another host occasions like Lollapalooza. That is the thought behind Pokémon GO Fest. It will be a genuine assembly of thousands of Pokémon GO players at Chicago’s Grant Park, all playing together, getting some Pokémon (some of which are scheduled to show up there. unexpectedly) and towards a shared objective. As a Pokémon GO player since the beginning of the game, I’m truly eager to go.

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Sorry yto say I didn’t understand any of that ^