Here are all the special research challenges and rewards of Pokémon Go Jump-Start

It’s the third anniversary of Pokemon GO, which means many new rewards and things to do in the game. One of them is the new Jump Start Research, which you can complete to obtain all kinds of rewards. You will find all the details of the different stages, the reward of each individual task and the general reward for completing the next stage. According to Niantic, this new mission is designed to give you a good boost if you have lost some level or if you have friends who feel that too much content has been passed to enter the game. You must quickly go up in Level by completing these mission steps.

Scenario 1

Make a new friend - 5000XP
Capture 3
Pokemon with Impulse of Time - 5000XP
Incubate an egg - 5000XP
Rewards: 2x Lucky Eggs, Dratini Encounter, 15,000 Stardust

Scenario 2

Win a candy walking with your friend - 30x Dratini Candy
Take a snapshot of Dratini - 30x Dratini Candy
Evolves a Dratini - 10,000XP
Rewards: 1x Raid Pass, 15,000 Stardust, 2x Lucky Eggs

Scenario 3

Turn on a Pokemon 10 times - 15,000XP
Fight against another Coach in the Great League - 15,000XP
Battle in a raid - 15,000XP
Rewards: 2x Lucky Eggs, 15,000 XP, 2x Star Pieces

Scenario 4

Capture 5

Different species of Pokemon - Encounter Chimchar
Catch a legendary Pokémon from a field research or raid advance - Encounter with Pokémon
Hatch 3
Eggs - Pokemon Encounter

Rewards: 2x Lucky Eggs, Pokémon Encounter, 15,000 Stardust

Scenario 5
Take a snapshot of Eevee - 30,000 XP
Send 5
Gifts for friends - 30,000 XP
Trade 3
Pokemon - 30,000 XP
Rewards: Lapras Meeting, 30,000 XP, 2x Lucky Egg

Scenario 6
Take a snapshot of Eevee - Dratini Candy x 60
Win a Level 3
Raid or higher - Dratini Candy x 60
Evolves a Dragonair - 100000 XP
Rewards: 2x Lucky Egg, 100000 XP, 15,000 Stardust

Source: Pokémon Go Jump-Start


Thank you, but I have already completed that one.


Thank you for your time, but most of us likely have completed this or have been “spoiled” on it at least two weeks ago. I also believe someone shared the link to the entire quest line on this forum already.

It’s no big deal, but one thing I would advise you to check before posting is to see if a topic on the matter may have already been started.


Need to trade, than I can finish it all in one go.

Since I’m now lvl 37 I could level up my Pokemon to be able to win a lvl 3 raid solo, FINALLY.
When I was lvl 36 I constantly came 3 to 8 seconds short on raichu. The others I couldn’t win anyway.

And now since the new tier 3 raidbosses I finally can do even 2 of them. Raichu and Scyther.

Can someone conform that lucky egg doubles the income?

Do you mean for the Special Research? In any case, yes they do.

Defeated an Alolan Raichu with 6 seconds to go and im level 32. Tangela was even faster with both Typlosion, with blast burn, and Rapidash finished it before been killed. (Don´t have groudon or legendaries ultrapowered… not even Mewtwo.)
This morning smashed a Scyther just losing 1 Ty. And Sharpedo is even easier, since there are many electric available.
And yes. Before pressing the quest to be completed, activate the egg, press and you get double experience (if you activate a starpiece you get double stardust). And you will get that egg back plus an extra egg.

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Had not a fast team. That was the main problem. Not enough time. Even with just 3 pokemon lost.

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