Help with softban for catching

hello guys! i’ve beeen grinding a lot during this stardust event, and got softbanned yesterday for the third time in a row, the softban ussually dissappears the other dat, but this was yesterday ay 10pm and now is 8 am and everything keeps running from me! any help??

Just calm down and wait (…and try to be without the apps which provoce the bann :grin: )


Unban in 14 days. If sooner will report in. 90% ios shadow banned.

Why 14 day?

Cause thats how long it takes unless stated differently. I have also heard a week and a half.

The issue with soft ban and this being self destructive.

You can be targetted for doing NOTHING but playing at a higher degree than others. Never before have i heard a game ban people for “doing to much” 90%+ Ios shadow banned. Niantic emailed me saying they are tweaking their new implemented security. They probably messed up the quest code. cause most people banned played quest.


edit - Andriod isn’t safe neither.! But you can still get Mew but must buy incense to lure Pokemon.

edit#2 - This is a quest glitch most likely.But it is unclear but stay tuned for more info within the week. image

I’m not using any app, I play walking only, but here in my country we’re in holydays, so I’ve been playing a freakin lot.

It’s a ban for catching too many, not a shadow ban guys, it happens when I catch too many in a short period of time or too many in One day, then I wait a while and I can start catching again, it never happened before, but I never played so hard before … ( been walking and playing more than 30kms the las 4 days)

Self destructive. What kinda game says “Play and Pay but don’t Play all day” :sweat_smile::confounded: This will be fixed soon.

Well as you say yourself you get it from catching to much. its a limit of 3500 per week (500 per day) so if you keep hitting that you should just wait.

Ive read on reddit its a “rolling” limit. So as soon as your first catch of those 500 is 24 hours or more away, you can go again. So i guess its best if you just take a 24 hour break and youll be good to go.

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Twitter and here are so different. Not many people even join the forum. BUT on twitter you can see everyone complaine and wow there are many more than you may think

i am sorry to tell you this dearheart, but according eula you cant own more then one account per a human this must be the reason why,also any kind of third party apps are not allowed many pepoles belived that some apps maybe are undetectable so they wont get bann, but the truth is that it just matter of programing to detect them even if they think it legit, any use of thrid party app are not allowed dosent matter what it do, even iv checker via screenshot none of it is allowed.many youtube post misslead pepoles to think it legit but its not so dont belive in any youtube post on third party apps,and remember if they cant detect atm it dosent mean they wont in future and the fact they cant detect it atm dosent make it legit.those banns waves we see are solid prove that they improve their ability to detect it niantic finally start enforce the law.

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I deleted my IV checker pokegenie. My point is it’s not just Spoofers being banned. Most the posts i seen on the hub are people rejoicing for bans when even legit players are being banned.

It can be IV checker, Catching to much, quest. Nobody really knows cause niantic is saying “third party” BUT i see people on twitter saying they only quested and never even cheated in their life(can be a lie) BUT they lost 90% of Trainers. :confounded:

first of all i want to say something from the bottom of my heart, to see pepoles get banns is not something to rejoice at, atleast not for me it make me sad becuase i can feel what others feel and it hurt to get bann dosent matter if it done via law or no ,the second thing among many communitys the term of legit with no cheat is often with an iv check, they dont see it as cheat that could be why they say it, i dont belive they lie i think they maybe missunderstod the eula, also not many read it or aware of it lets not forget there is also young generation, but i honestly dont belive if all were really aware of it, and know the risk that they would use thrid app, also one last thing is the fact many pepoles use alt accounts, while in eula it dosent allowed, then again we come back to same thing not aware or not think niantic have means detect them but eventully they get the means.

I have seen many people on Hub and the Hub forum rejoicing. Many of the actual spoofers want a Major Youtuber to be banned so they can also understand that they are affected also. Me idc who is affected or why…the fact that it’s such a large number is what is crazy to me. Self destructive.

ye it extremly sad,but nothing you and i beside shed tears can do, best thing we can do is wait and hope for a better future, but dont worry i am sure it will get better very few banns are perma, pepoles will get back and will try to be more carefull and it all turn better most of the banns come as educational purpose like a punishment its not a sentence of death or execution like prema bann.

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Honestly as terrible as the ban has worked I think in the long term it’s working towards the better. The fact is yes it has targeted some innocent individuals but has been designed to target those which do uses third party apps. The reason there’s a catch limit its because most people can’t do that without bots and unfortunately some grinders (those who are lucky enough to have time!!) Have been effected. BUT I think in the long term this will be fixed and will only target those are violating the game terms and generally ruining the game for others. I think we just need to be patient and maybe tone down grinding till it’s sorted.

as I was saying, I’ve been grinding hard, only for the stardust, and because it’s holydays here in Argentina, and it’s weird I get softbanned ( mons run away ) by hour, I only use pokerater for ios with screenshot, that’s the only thing, but in the last 8 days I’ve passed 4.800 mons… but i don’t understand this 1 or 2 hour softban

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Holy shit…and people wanna talking nonsense bout legits can’t be banned.

You sir are prime example of niantic fucking UP which makes no sense!!!

I hope you get unbanned.

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It’s so wrong, in my city I made an anti-fly group only with mystic walkers, and we always fought against the fly’s, and me, the leader, is the one who got softbanned haha, this sh*t is so wrong, luckily the maps are broken, and I’m still hoping for fly’s to get real banned.