HELP with mewtwo plz

Dudes I really like pokemon go and stuff and mostly want to catch mewtwo.I heard there was an EX-raid about to happen in roseville Ca USA on 3 November.I went there and for 3 days no raids were happening in the gym.Please if you got any expasses for the 3 november mewtwo please share them here so i can go get mine I really want your guys help

I got mine at my local Library gym. Did a Suicune Raid, And the next day I got the EX pass. Sorry I can’t help more, because it’s not a special location. I hope you get one soon though!

Ok bro thanks anyway Good luck on you mewtwo


Raids won’t spawn at a gym scheduled to have an EX raid pass during the week. You’ll have to raid there once the EX raid is over.

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