Help with HO OH

Just used a charged TM on a Ho-Oh and it’s solar beam attack (180) changed to brave bird (90). I thought the TM upgrades the attack, this seems to have made it worse or am I missing something?

Tms change the move randomly. It can be options A b or c

A b A b A b c

A c b c b a

it’s random


Yes, it wen’t from a stupid steel type move on my TTAR to Crunch, back to the steel type, back to crunch, 4 tms later (all the tms I have ever gotten), I get stone edge :joy:


Were u using a fast of charged tm…you mention the steel move, which is a fast move, while crunch and SE are charged. Use a fast tm if you want to swap between IT and Bite, and charged tm if you want to switch between FB, SE, or Crunch

Tyranitar moves:


Iron Tail
Smack Down (CD exclusive)


Fire Blast
Stone Edge

I meant fire blast, thanks for the help

I remember I used 12 Charged TMs to give my Rayquaza Outrage. I almost gave up!

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On a pokemon that good I would never give up :wink:

finds out the ivs are terrible


98% in fact, but if it were the case, I would have shot myself. Rayquaza is the legendary I had the most luck. 28 seen, 14 caught, 2x 98% and 1x 91%.

Shooting yourself over Pokemon Go is taking it far…