Help with game crashing on iOS

For some reason the game started to crash on my iPhone, so I deleted and redowloaded it but this keeps happening.
I went all the way and restored my phone form a backup and the game still dosn’t work.
Has this happened to anyone? Any tips how I can fix it?

First, welcome to our forums!

Game crashes on iPhone, that seems odd. What iPhone do you use?

I have a 12 mini
I think the game thinks my phone is jailbroken, because it actually opened on one of the many tries and after signing in I got “This device, OS, or software is not compatible with Pokemon GO”
I’ve never jailbroken my phone

That is odd

Anyone else who has encoutnered a problem of the sorts?

I’m on iPhone 6s and started getting more frequent Crashes 2 Game updates ago. The one that came soon after that one for “Bug Fixes” didn’t make the game more stable like it tends to this time.