Help with Email change

Need help on how to change my existing email address to a gmail account. The old one i cannot access it due to my girlfriend started it with her school work email and now she don’t work there anymore and now we cant log back into pokemon to play.

I dont know how.I saw somewhere that now this is not a feature in pogo

I would try putting in a support ticket to Nantic to see if they can help.


How and where do you put in a ticket ??? Sorry I just dont understand what i am doing here. Lol.

Go to…

Then in the top right corner click “Submit a Request” there is a category called “Sign In Issues”

and then you can maybe choose "I’d like to change something about my account, I’d like to…

“transfer my account to another email address”

Hopefully this is helpful! There are other options so read those as well.

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I’m pretty sure if you don’t have access to the original email address you started the game with that you will be out of luck.

You cant do this. You have to make a new account. You cant merge accounts