Help! Which Moltres to power up?

Hello fellow trainers! I have a question for you… I got 4 Moltres this past month and now i need to decide which one to power up and i need some help!

  1. Fire spin/Overheat (best), 1364 cp, 80% iv, Hp 15, Atk 11, Def 10
  2. Fire spin/fireblast (2nd best), 1375 cp, 84.4% iv, Hp 10, Atk 14, Def 14
  3. Fire spin/Overheat (best), 1360 cp, 75.6% iv, Hp 11, Atk 13, Def 10
  4. Fire spin/Heatwave (worst), 1381, 86.7% iv, Hp 13, Atk 15, Def 12

The best stats are on the one with the worst moveset… :confused:
Help me decide which one to power up plz!!! :smiley:

Option Number 1 due to the 15 Attack.
Perfect attack of 15 is everything.

The 15 ATK one. TMs are there for a reason, and eventually you’ll get a couple of them.

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The best IV one because it has a perfect attack and you can just use TMs on it

15 atk

Number 1 has 11 Atk, number 4 is the one with 15 Atk… :smiley::joy:

Legendaries are all about the atk stat! TM number 4!
I really hope I get a 15 atk Zapdos this May…hes my favourite bird.

Thank you all for the advice! I picked no.4 with the higher stats and the 15 Atk. I used the charged TM that i had and he learned Fireblast which is not the best but still way better than Heatwave.

I now have a 2071 cp moltres with 15 atk, 86.7% iv and Firespin/Fireblast (2nd best) moveset.


May I ask the same question?
I have two Moltres that I cant decide between:
15-11-15 (atk-def-hp)
And 15-15-12
First is level 20, the second is level 15
And at the moment, I dont have any Rare Candies (Im 8 candies away from maxing out a Raikou), I already have an Entei at level 31, and I might decide to just power up a Heatran in the end
But Im just wondering which of these two would be better

I always go for the best IV, so power up the 15/15/12 one as soon as you get some rare candies or not power up either one. ( Then again, this is what I think)

i agree with alex on that. BUT on top of that its a lv 20 Moltres so you need waaaay fewer candies to max him out than the lv 15! The stat is only 1 point diference so i would personally pm the lv 20 if you dont want to spent more time looking for candies… IF candies are easy to come by for you then go for the lv 15 for that extra point.

I actually think that depending which stat is the best on the Pokemon it will be better. For random example, 11-13-15 (atk, def, hp) will give you 89 while 15-13-11 will give you 87. I think HP gives you better IVs than attack. I compared 2 of the same Pokemon with the same defense but different HP and ATK and the attack one had lower IVs.

Was the attack lower than the HP?

Attack has the biggest value, since its the only value that isnt square rooted (or however you say that in english)

Then the message from DJNalu has to be wrong…