Help understanding journal details

The journal entries encode certain details, but I can’t figure out what all of them mean. (That’s an often-repeating theme when the job of documenting this software was largely left to users. :anguish: :grief:)

The latest aspect of the game that mystifies me is in the journal, specifically the items-received-from-gym entries, in which most items shown have a white background, but others have blue or yellow. The color of the background evidently is not associated with the type of item, as same types show up with different backgrounds… It’s also not based on which team controls the gym that gave the items. (No red backgrounds, and same gym giving items with 3 different backgrounds for the same spin.)

Can anybody please enlighten me about what the background color for items is meant to indicate? I’ve run out of guesses at this point.

Yellow is based on your Gym Badge level in gyms. I think that’s Silver. Blue is extra you got because the Gym was being occupied by your team.



Any idea what it might mean if I see the yellow background for an item received from a Pokéstop, though?

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If it’s based on Gym Badge level, then for what gym? The spin shown was a Pokéstop, not a gym.

Judging by the time and date, first spin of the day.


Indeed! The ones with yellow background on that spin could be something like the 3-days-in-a-row bonus items.

it could also be your 10th stop in a row, that gives extra stuff aswell. But in this situation it would clearly be first stop of the day,

Just tried that, cause i didnt think of that at all. The 10th stop did give more items (7) but it didnt show any special background colors in the journal.