Help translating an unspecified abbreviation

I realize this isn’t the Niantic help desk; but their Pokémon Go Live page doesn’t have a means for asking, so I thought I’d try this group.

The latest post there says:

October 7, 2021 # Tune in to Twitch Rivals ft. Pokémon GO, presented by Samsung!

What the __ does “ft.” mean here? The only binding I have in my memory for that abbreviation is an old British unit of measure (“foot” or “feet”)

If it’s “for the” I just might puke.

Maybe it means ‘featuring’.


Example: Gwen Stefani ft. Akon - The Sweet Escape


found on Youtube

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I was right! Meowth, that’s right! :smile_cat:

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I applaud your insight, @Branebs and appreciate the answer (though even “for the” might actually have been less of a letdown).

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