Help! Shiny problem

I have a shiny Pikachu. Do I have to Evolve ot or not?!? I realy dont Know it cause shiny raichu is stromg but shiny pikachu is cool

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It’s up to you.
Both will be no more than collector items. They both have no constructive use in the game.
For Electic fighters you way better off with Raikou, Jolteon or Ampharos.

I have no raikou or ampharps Im a rural player amd the Pikachu is cp300

Raichu is painfully bad anyways, Jolteon will be better even for a rural

Until the Legendary Raikou came along Jolteon was leaps ahead for The Electric types. Wish it had some tank like Vaporeon but that’s a whole different discussion.

If you got the Pikachu yesterday, it should have surf - which it will lose if you evolve it.

Keep it as a Pikachu imo.

Having caught two Pikachus with the surf special move on the recent Community Day, I tested this by evolving the weaker of the two (so if it lost the special move, the one that still had it would be the stronger). Evolving did, indeed, lose the surf move, giving just another run-of-the-mill Raichu for the transfer-to-trainer grinder.

Obviously, Go doesnt conserve moves when you evolve something
And as Raichu cant learn it, you cant have it after evolution

I’d never heard of ‘surf’ as a Pikachu move before. I kind of hoped that it would stick through the evolution, like the special ‘shiny’ attribute and ‘favorite’ flag do. Meh, whatever.

Lol it is up to you.

I got a Pichu from an egg end last year, thinking it was shiny. Later it turned out not to be shiny but it turned out to be a 100%.

or zapdos

That is a 100% shiny Pichu?!