Help please. Glitch when raiding and battling

Could anyone please help me with the glitch that keeps happening. My phone is Samsung S9. When Battling if the graphic of the Pokémon is not showing (it’s a ball of light) I get the error message below. Also get the error message saying ‘battle has ended’.

Link to full video

Hmm, this happens every battle? Try clearing your cache.

Not all the time, happened last weekend when I was trying to the a Raichu raid and yesterday when the tying to take down the gym.

That means that someone beat that pokemom as you started to battle it, this happens to everyone :+1:

There was noone around, this also happens to be when I do raid. I went past the gym 20 minutes later the same Pokémon were still in, I took one out and the same error message came back. I get error message 30 most of the time


This seems to occur if something gets kicked out the gym, and then the person who added it puts it back. In this scenario, I would clear your cache. If it’s on every gym, then report critical error to niantic by going into settings, critical issue and follow the steps

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