Help - me Please

Guys, I was in a raid, then my game started to crash (this happens in raids) and the game closed … I lost the pass … managed to finish a raid … but I just leave losing … what do I do?

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Which phone do you have?

Moto G7

Does it happen often? I think an underpowered phone might be the issue

Sempre vou jogar com bateria cheia, ou carregando :/, notei que quando eu fecho aplicativos do próprio celular, como o google chrome, etc, ele não trava, mas perdi 2 passes por causa disso :confused:

Could you please talk in English? @CapRipley

(Ps, my Google Translate told me the sentence above says this:

I will always play with full battery, or loading: /, I noticed that when I close applications from my own phone, like google chrome, etc, it does not crash, but I lost 2 passes because of that



My phone was crashing a lot very recently. I cleared the cache, restarted my phone and checked for an update (the update wouldn’t show up for some reason unless the phone was restarted) and that all fixed it. Maybe try doing the same.

For those who have crash issues, update. It should fix some crash issues (Niantic says).