Help in information by players of level 40

I’m preparing an Excel-Chart with all combinations of IV in all Mon’s level.

To make a first error-control I need the PC of any 100% Monster you have pushed to the maximum, and if anybody knows if this is level 40, or if it is posible to push them to level 40,5. Thank you in advance

Well, I tested it by my own level 20 Charizard, and my Excel gives the same result as Calcy IV. Not so bad, but I have to amplify to all Mon’s of Gen I +II.

Here you have an example:

I think the more important here is to see the difference between Max-CP and the real by your IV’s. As you can see, they may be lesser important than you think.

You’re able to do a certain trick to get your Pokémon to 40.5. ProdigiesNation did a video on it.

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Maxed this 100% Cloyster out when I hit lvl 38 so I could beat Dragonites. Hope this helps a little. I also have lots more 100% mons that I’m (slowly) powering up & can let you know once they are each maxed out.


Many thanks, with this and my own Blissey I can make the test on maxed, the others I have will give the rest.

Couple more maxed out mons


Figured you’d be an Aussie mate :joy:

Are you asking me or one who is helping with examples?

Because I would like to visit Australia and New Zealand, but I’m a german living in Spain…

The tables tell me that this Cloyster is in lvl 39 with 100% IV.
But until now I thought a lvl 38 player can power up the mon to lvl 39,5 ???
Same for the Charizard and the Exeggutor.
All the others the same result

No, I was saying that to @NotanotherKangaskhan.

Well, thanks to and @NotanotherKangaskhan, the work is done.

The function and the table is stable and with all examples has given the same result as the proper Pokemon Go and as given by Calcy IV. :smiley_cat:

So I have understand the underlying mathematics. What I still need to work out is a more userfriendly output and how to establish easily the level of the mon. (Niantic could mark a scale on the arc behind the mon…)

I have catched today an extreme example…

The Ultimate Spinarak, with 0/0/0 IV’s, more worth is imposible…


You can post it also here if you like:

Without any (old) tricks the cap is level 39. I have no idea if there are still options to power it up even higher.

Logging in with 3 devices at the same time and then simultaneously power up a Pokèmon of Level 38,5 will push it to level 40.

But you must be aware that you will need the stardust for 3 powerups plus enough candy (+1 for level39).

For example here’s an 100% IV Level 40 Machamp:

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Another example from gamepress:

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And Niantic is okay with that? No correction or (soft) ban?