Help Desk - What counts as a Gym being attacked?

So I was trying to join a gym a few minutes ago… there was no smoke or lightening coming out of the Gym and no Pokémon losing CP. But it would not let me add my Pokémon to the gym saying the Gym was under attack. I kept trying to add my Pokémon over and over… yet kept giving me that message. I would close out of the gym and verify no smoke or fighting going on, no Pokémon losing health… so why was it saying the gym was under attack? I even closed the app and relaunched it thinking it maybe was a bug,… but when I got back in same thing, no smoke or fighting visible and no one losing health? But still telling me I couldn’t add a Pokémon because the gym was under stack… so this went on for probably 10 minutes at least? Then I was finally able to add my Pokémon. But it made me wonder, what counts as “Attacking”? To me it would be when someone has selected “battle” and is actively fighting the Pokémon in the gym. But obviously if no Pokémon are losing CP and no smoke/lightening visible that must not be it?

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Was there a Pokémon I there’s or was it white

If someone fought at that specific gym recently (Like within 8-10 minutes), it won’t let you add on, even if it’s not CURRENTLY being fought down.

A gym will be considered attacked if a Pokémon gets kicked out of it and no one can add a Pokémon for 5 minutes. This even happens when a gym is white.

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Interesting! That must be what happened. Thanks.

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Actually, once one mon gets beaten (loses 1/3 of CP or gets kicked out straight away) you cant add a Pokemon for 10 minutes

it aparently only happens for valor. I was attacking a instinct gym and in the middle of the battle somone added a pokemon to the gym. Niantic seems to hat valor

No. Not true. What probably happened, is that someone joined while he was fighting and before he completed a match.


It happens to all teams. It is rare, but occasionally possible, to add a Pokemon to the gym whilst someone is attacking it. I have done it before and had it done to me before by valor and mystic.

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You need to beat at least one Pokemon to trigger the message

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Ive been attacking a gum right aftera pokemon was being placed, but the previous ‘battle winners’ still got to put their mons in…I don’t really like that mechanic

You cannot add a mon for 10mins after one gets kicked out, not unless your mon is still one of the first six to be placed on that gym.

I think Niantic did the waiting time purposely as a detterent for those with multiple accounts. They fight on a gym trying to make room for their mon on another account to get their free coins.

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