Help Desk - Question about gaining several levels at once

Hi there,

I apologize in advance if I’m using the wrong section to post this…

Does anyone know what happens if you suddenly level up twice or thrice at once? Do you lose each level’s rewards?

Let’s give an example:

Say, you’re level 11. It requires 10K XP to go to level 12; then another 10K XP to level 13, then again to level 14 and 15, then 15K to level 16, etc. For each level up you get rewards.

Question is: what happens if you’re level 11 and suddenly get ultra friend with someone, which will give you 100K XP (if you use a Lucky egg) at once and shoot you to level 18 or so?
Will you only get the rewards for level 18? Or will you get all the rewards of all of levels 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 18?

This is just an example to make it clear. It happens that I’m on level 31 at the moment, that I will soon become ultra friend 6 people and I’d like to use a Lucky egg, which will give me 600 000 XP and depending on how far I am into level 31 by then (still have a few days before ultra friendship), I think I’ll find myself on level 33 and I was wondering if I was going to lose the benefits of level 32’s rewards or not.

Sorry, I’m French, so hopefully my English was clear enough.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks to the friend feature, I was able to go from Level 39 to 40 in half the time it normally would have taken. Make sure you are in a position to control when you turn those 6 good friends into Ultra Friends. Make sure you have a present to open from each before popping a Lucky Egg. Now that I’m Level 40, I don’t seem to care that much about XP. But in the 2 weeks since I leveled up, I’ve gotten over 1.4 million XP. Never did that before the Friends Feature. It took me over 2 years just to get to Level 40. No, you will still get Level 32 rewards. You don’t really get anything good until Level 35 though.

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Thank you so much for the answer!
I know level 32 rewards aren’t great, but it would be a shame to lose them.

And yes, the friends feature is really good to level up quickly. I started this account in June and have been leveling up rather quickly. I had started the game two years ago for my son who never really played in the end and when I got a new phone and signed out last June, I couldn’t remember the password or recover it, so I had to start all over again, but well, it’s fine since it’s easier to progress now.

And yes, I’ve read a lot of advice about using the Lucky eggs for friendship levelling up, so thanks again for your advice!


You would receive all of the rewards if you did more than one level up.


its just that items in your bag will exceed the available bagspace.
so you wont be able to spin any stops before clear up your bag!

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Thank you all for the answers!
Yeah, my bagspace might be a problem Indeed… I’ll have to check that!