Help Desk - Oh my heart, my soul

In my early lvl 20s I got my first Perfect IV pokemon, an Eevee which I turned into a Vaporeon. So excited, labeled it and didn’t IV check it again. Fast forward to lvl 35…IV Checking my top contenders for fun and. Everybody is ok, maybe 1 IV dropped (why does this happen?) and my perfect 100% IV Vaporeon is at 24% IV. Ummm excuse me?

Has this happened to anyone? What is even going on, I’m. It a happy trainer right now lol.

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Sometimes IV checkers at lower levels are not correct, always have to appraise it or level up your mon to the level where the IV are more accurate


You may need to update your trainer level.

What IV checker are you using @Steve?
You Fandriod or iOS?

It sounds like you had a setting wrong on the IV Checker back then or have one wrong now.

if you use a IV checker it is really important to keep your player level updated so it can check IV correctly. Seeing as with the current XP gains in the game, leveling to say TL25 is so easy and fast you might screwed up there.

That said; the mistake must be your own doing. i’ve never had or heared this before.
Hopefully you didn’t power it up (too much)?

I rather not think abnout what is worse: throwing away a pokemon that you thought sucked but actually was good, or keeping a pokemon that you thought was good but instead happens to be weak. I guess the last as it most likely would cost extra dust/candy.

Don’t need any more people saying check trainer level on IV checker