Help Desk - My little birds dont bring Pokecoins to papa anymore

Ok, so i know that:

  • Theres a maximum 50 PokeCoins total for the day.
    (No matter how many pokemon return from a gym in a 24 hour period)

  • the rate is 1 coin every 10 minutes

  • there is a 1 hour defending minimum requirement to bring coins

  • the coins are integrated only when the defender pokemon returns

But the problem is that in the last 3 days I didnt recived coins, considering that I defended several gyms for long periods of time, with a bunch of pokemons, and not even a single one coin…
sooooooooo… there is a coin ban or something like that??? My app works perfectly, I can raid, get items, catch rare pokes, and no problem…

P.S.: I already notified the problem to niantic, and they answered me the information I already know: 50 coins cap and stuff…

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Your fourth point anwsers that -_-


Yes, I know that, thanks. (point 4th) But as the title says, my pokemons come back home with empty pockets. Dont know why.

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Email Niantic i guess

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Just check your journal. After the 0:00 you must have got 1 pĂłkemon back.
That one got the 50 coins. All the others (even if you got the 49 more back) won´t get you coins. Only after 23:59:59 of that day, when a gym is defeated, your pókemon will bring coins.


Your point no3 is false.
You dont need to defend for 1 hour to get coins. 10 minutes is enough to get 1.

And yeah do what @songohan says. Except its your news tab. Coins dont show up in the journal anymore.


Coins now show in the news tap, upper right hand corner

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Did any Pokemon return home during the last 3 days? The answer to that question is the same answer to the question to if everything is working as intended.P.s this is the best topic name I’ve ever seen


I returned home so yes, @Pokemon returned home



Thanks, i didnt know that !

Well, thank you all for the help.
Yesterday, after a couple of days without having pokecoin returns, i get 50 …and today another 50. Aleluia. Thanks Mew1, Mapman42, Pokemon, songohan, Robdebobrob. I dont know if it was Niantinc, or the app that I re-installed or what… but problem solved for now!