Help Desk - Mew Quest Evolve Magikarp Glitch (Step 6/8)

So I just completed my quest for catching the 10 ghost type Pokemon so I went to the mew quest and the guy talked and told me the new quests so this is step 6/8 where you evolve your magikarp and I did so but after I did it I went back to the quest and the guy talked again and told me the quests I had to do again, so when I checked to make sure my magikarp counted it didn’t for some reason… If there is anyway niatic can make the quest count or give me my candies back so I can get it to complete how it should of I would appreciate it considering I dont live near water and the quest took me many months to get the candies.

My pokemon go account name is “LogDoesPoke” if you are able to help

One topic for this is enough, right? No need to make the same topic twice.