Help Desk - Is this worth evolving?

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For me yes, but shurely there are people with better knowledge.

What i can tell from just that screenshot is that its a level 29 or level 30, with an IV ranging from 82% maximum to 56% minimum. If you want a good Milotic, this isnt the guy you wanna evolve. However there are so many equal (Vaporeon) or better (Gyarados, Kyogre) water pokemon that for me personally it doesnt really matter.

So if you have high IV’s of the other 3, go for it. If you dont, wait for a better one.

I would personally evolve that - Milotic is not brilliant in the meta so I personally wouldn’t power it up. It’s up to you.

Yes milotic is good and can be used as a good gym attacker that will help you to take down gyms and raids.

If the IV is above 70% and the Attack Stat is the strongest or equal strongest I would.
I wouldn’t be using any additional candy and Powering it up further than what it evolves though.
I’d than start working on finding that really good one.


I think you should go for it. It looks like it has decent ivs and the cp alone saves you a bunch of candy. That way you can hunt for a better one and save up on stardust and candy.


Define “decent IV”. Level only gets you so far…