Help Desk - How long does it take feebas to find a candy?

I know that it takes 20km to evolve feebas but how long do you have to walk it before it finds a candy? 1, 3, 5 or 20km?

5km for 1 Feebas Candy.
Remember the Feebas you want to evolve to Milotic has to be walked the full 20km. Nothing walked on other Feebas transfers over.
I changed mine 3 times before before I got a CP/IV combo worthy.
30mins after I evolved my first Milotic I hatched a better Feebas from a 10k egg.

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Thanks man. Sorry that you hatched a better one? LOL we’ve all been there.

No big deal on the better one hatched as my first one at 108CP 88% IV and is the best CP/IV combo seen locally so far.
Got that one at 3am in the morning and never saw a single other person in the area that night.
I got a 22CP 91% the following night but the CP is too low so trashed that. The Egg Hatch was 123CP 92%. I’ve caught 130CP and a high of 150CP but the IV’s were in the 40-50 ranges so they were ground up for Candy too.
The majority are being caught in the 20-80CP range.
The first one is just to get it out of the way and then I can take as long as I need for the next one

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It is 5km for feebas to find a candy

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I just hatched my 1st. The HP is perfect so if I can’t come across better while I’m out hunting I’ll have to go with this one.