Help Desk - Friends bug? Not showing the same friendship level

Hi everybody!

So, as most of you, I’m trying to reach the Best friends level.
The problem is that the friendship level only seems to grow in my friends’ account and not in mine. He has a message saying there’s 4 days left to be Great friends and my message says there’s 6 days left to be Great friends.
Is this a real bug? I’m the one sending him gifts and I don’t know if that’s why only his friendship level increases.

Thanks for your help, guys


One of my friends just sent me a picture showing that we reached friendship level 2 but for me it is still stuck in level 1 with 6 days left for level 2…

Any news from Niantic?


Yes there is a bug. Niantic has acknowledged it and they are working on it.

Having the same thing with one person. What’s weirder is that for him the friendship is going up, but for me it’s not moving. Curious what will happen when we hit Great Friend level.

For me, (I can’t see my friend’s), it is stuck at the lowest level.
Even though we send daily gifts.

I have those problems, too. I already lost two days with one of my friends (I don’t keep track of all friends levels, but this one I keep a special eye on). We should have reached Level 2 tomorrow but it says there are still three days left :confused:

And my bf and I have different levels with each other (he has three days left, I have four days left).

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You should still hit level 2 at the right time, unless a much bigger problem occurred.


Does the friendship level drop if you don’t interact for one day, or is it only a presentation bug? Because some of the people in my town have very different friendship levels, even though they seem to interact every day.

No, the friendship levels cannot decrease.

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Unfortunately not. We should have reached Level 2 today, but it still says 3 days left :frowning_face:

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That makes so little sense - i guess its a bug

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I have reached second level today, but my friend’s one still says he needs 6 days more… we exchange gifts everyday in both directions.

Possible fix for uneven friendship levels… whomever has the lower level should open their gift first for the day, and it will set them both to match. Apparently the bug is that the second person to open the gift doesn’t get the level increase.

I have observed another bug: my bf and I both made it to level two but we don’t get the stardust discount for trading :worried:

If you click the link once again

You’ll see Niantic resolved the issue.

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I’m not getting wound up because the whole ‘friends’ thing is just a novel curiosity that gets a few more great/ultra balls than pokestops tend to give. The challenge of collecting gifts to give and the cap on opening gifts in a day seem to make sustaining more than 10 or 20 daily-gift-exchanging friendships unrealistic.

Disclaimer aside, I notice not even my own game session is consistent about friend level. I’ve repeatedly seen a big notice declaring to me that somebody and I are now GREAT friends, only to see another (somewhat less dramatic) notice a minute later that the same person and I are now good friends. Great or good? Whatever. I reckon some friends are fickle in real life, too…


They fixed the issue yesterday btw

Wow… just wow

I hope you didn’t infer that I thought those other players were downgrading the friendship status from great to good – just trying to find humorous comparisons to real life in the buggy (inconsistent, out of sequence) game notifications about the status.

Having spent 25 years in the bugfixing business, I understand first-hand how tricky some of this code must be and how much effort it is probably taking to get it to work flawlessly, and I look forward to seeing the results of the fix.

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it’s been fixed for around 5 days nows.


It’s on Niantics Known issues page and it says it is fixed