Help Desk - Beldum CD: This Happened

My family and I were catching Beldum and that, but one was not getting any shinies.
Guess what? She got one at 3:59. It took a while to load, but she caught it, or so she thought.
She was going to evolve it, when it was not shiny. Same cp, stats, and everything, just not shiny. So, she does not have a shiny beldum, and will not for 5 years because she has a trainer account and is 8 yrs old.
Why did this change?
The shiny is not even in her dex.

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Did you have screenshot of the shiny?

If so email niantic, cause there is sometimes a glitch of shiny not being shiny or even the same pokemon caught.

If you tap on a beldum before the end but finish catching after the end it becomes normal

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She made the catch just after the event ended. It sucks but there is nothing that Niantic will do. You may have better luck than others, hopefully so but history is not a good indicator. Sorry for the predicament.


Thats true, niantic wont change it to shiny. Best of luck finding someone to trade or a wild one.

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never ever heard of that.

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did any of you read the whole thing?
She is 8 yrs old and has a trainer account.

I noticed.

Best thing is to wait. Not 5 years, there probably will be another possibility to catch a shiny Beldum. I couldn’t find a shiny Mareep on Mareep Community Day as well, but I have a shiny Ampharos now (without trading). And Mareep is quite rare for me.

It also happened on the bulbasaur day with my brother, but he can trade because he uses one of my mom’s google accounts.

those are the only options…catch 1 in wild or trade…regardless she’ll need/want new one.

if cannot trade then catch a new 1 is the final option

What about hatch one?

hatching one is possible yes, but let’s be real and admit that that will never happen :smile:

Wouldn’t say never, highly unlikely yes.

Shiny hatched pokemon, best of luck.

I guess Thor confirmed it then

how common is beldum though, people…?:sweat:

Pretty common

No, not in Wisconsin it’s not…

I had caught 3 total beldums before the event.

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