Help Build The Hub - Should we make a new category for challenges?

As topic name. This could be a good idea as it would mean that lavender town wouldn’t turn into a category almost entirely for community challenges. We have 5 community challenges at the moment and more are likely to be made soon. What do you think of this idea? Should Pokemon Go Hub Forum have a category for Community Challenges?

  • Yes
  • No

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Here are all the challenges.
CP increase challenge by Mapman42
Type challenge by Pat
Shiny Pokedex Challenge by Yoshi
Pokedex and Pokemon Box Challenge by KingQ07/bagguille
Pokedex Challenge by Type by Stridey10

You missed “Wild encounter Pokedex Challenge”, but that one died.

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Wow @Mapman42 didn’t know you liked Ampharos!

I like ampharos a lot

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