#HearUsNiantic campaign takes place on Twitter and other Social Media

Wow, I’ve never seen players so united. Why wasn’t that the case when Niantic did other things that made the game worse, like when they decreased the number of coins you can earn each day from gyms? They got away with it easily.

I haven’t seen the community this ticked off since GO Fest 2017. If Hanke showed up anywhere right now, Pokemon GO Players would be booing him right now, and I would agree with them.

I think this merits a new post.

Niantic responded…and it’s a bunch of nothing.

My response? They’re stalling for time. Keep up the pressure.

Hoping the noise dies down so they can slide it in.

I just read Niantic’s blog response… and it made me even more angry.

Reading between the lines it basically says - we will be offering bribes/using threats to all the influential people and organisations who signed the letter, in the hope that they will persuade everyone else to stop complaining…

We - the ordinary players - are just going to have to hope that our representatives stand firm on our behalf. :crossed_fingers:

I actually don’t really have a problem with the range distance being decreased - sure, I need to stop a little more often during my walks, and it would indeed have been nice if they kept it - but what mainly issues me is that Niantic is that kind of company that only cares about money and not about the state of their game. They never seem to care about their players - aside from the bonus box given to incorrectly striked trainers last week, which surely surprised me. I actually thought they would act like nothing happened. But still, players have been asking for so much - Raid Lobby Skip Button, GBL working better / less RNG-based, dismissal of the Egg hatching animation, events featuring garbage nobody cares about (yes Hoothoot, I mainly mean you indeed), Legendaries back in the Research Breakthrough… and now this. And from their perspective it doesn’t even make sense that they don’t listen to their community. In fact, they can even make money out of a Raid Lobby Skip Button, because it would allow trainers to raid more quickly and during Raid Days that would mean trainers can do more Raids. And if that is not enough, last June, when the game was barely playable because of all the bugs, it took them half the month to fix it. And that is why I support the #HearUsNiantic campaign. I hope Niantic has learned their lesson, and will hopefully improve their game from now on. But that is more what I hope than what I think is going to happen.

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The distance hasn’t been cut to 40 meters. It’s more like 10 meters to spin pokestops. I have to be right next to them.

Niantic would make a lot more money if they listened a lot more to the players.

Raiding for instance is a great way to get a group together, but 2 issues get in the way. Low income earners can’t afford to raid much beyond their daily free pass and buying a pass every 2nd day if they get their 50 coins each day. The other issue being, motivation of casual players to continue raiding once they have obtained their pokedex entry or shiny.

Might need better rewards to entice the casuals to continue raiding and lower cost of passes or the option of buying a pass that grants unlimited access to raids for the day.

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To be fair, they announced that they would turn the extra distance off and I don’t mind that a lot.

BUT, I do think they return it way too early. The effects of the pandemic are still felt here in Europe until at least October; in other countries even longer because not everywhere there are enough vaccines. The pandemic is not yet over for everyone

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So New Zeland has almost 10 cases and they brought back the Pokémon stop ranges. The United States of America had over 1,000 deaths yesterday and they haven’t changed a thing since the USA is the largest paying market. GREED

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I did call them out on that.

By the by, MYSTlC7, Trainer Tips and many others have reported they have been in contact with Niantic and they will be talking to them directly about the issues surrounding the recent changes.

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It worked:


Good to see they’ve seen some sense on the increased radius.

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Now if they’d just increase it another 10 metres I’d be able to spin the gym on the village pub from my house… :wink::crossed_fingers:

I’d need 20m to reach the Pokestop over the side fence to reach from the house.
I sometimes get it from my shed with a little drift help.


Bah… it’s infuriating isn’t it?
Don’t want to go off-topic but the red ‘x’ marks the nearest point I can spin the stop… :frowning:

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