Having two accounts, thoughts?

What do you think of people having two accounts for Pokemon Go? I’ve seen at raids that a lot of people will have two phones and are using their partner’s/child’s account to help with the raid.

But what about specifically setting up a second account and playing it as well to have a little extra fire power? I think I read somewhere that it could be against TOS but I’m not sure.

It popped into my mind as something to consider since I have a spare phone at home that’s not being used, and it’s always good to have the help with raids.

What do you think of the idea? Is it cheating? Or is it a case of, put in the work with another account you should get the rewards?

having multiple account isn’t against TOS, why would it? All different accounts, all yours. It becomes a problem once you use login info of other players’ accounts.
I personally am thinking about creating a new account to do it myself for once raiding becomes inevitabaly less popular and getting groups is harder

Also, i hate the ‘i play for my kids’ while their kids honestly don’t play-people once they bring 5-or 6 accounts (i know a few of those). Those are the same people that fill up a gym screwing their own team. Just be honest and say you have multiple accounts, don’t come with lame excuses. Having 1 (or even 2) extra accounts is nothing problematic (even when it’s ‘your kids’) but don’t overdo it.


I assumed it was against TOS but I felt like I read that somewhere. Yeah the main reason behind it is that when I’m finished work and in the city centre, raids aren’t too much of an issue. But over the weekend in my home town there’s very few players. It would be nice to have a little extra help even for some level three raids so that I could solo them easier. Was thinking of taking over my girlfriends old account since she stopped playing. Although I think I’d feel better if I worked up another account on my own to use.

As some one who regularly uses the Wifes and Kids accounts I say do it.
From experience it takes a lot of work managing and playing multiple accounts. I don’t buy into the whole argument over someone with multiple accounts screwing their own team over filling Gyms or half filling them with the multiples. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s 6 different people or 1 -3 people filling it. Once it’s full it’s full. Filling a Gym offers some protection over lazy players that move on to half full gyms or near dead ones rather than spend a little bit longer battling all 6 out even though no Gym is safe.


In a large and active community, I see no point to having secondary or third accounts. There’s plenty people to cooperate with for raids, plenty people to fill up a gym and who desperately want a spot in a gym, so it’d have no benefit, only drawbacks.
In smaller communities, where it’s already hard to gather 4 people for Lugia, which is obviously not enough, and where there’s plenty room in the gyms: go for it, or your local community will forever remain stuck at not getting anything done and having to rely on the occasional daytrip to some larger city just to play Pokemon.

In really small communities, where the gym rotation gets messed up and you miss a day of coins when one Mystic player is on holiday while the other is sick but forgets to warn the rest, I’d even suggest making your second account one of the other colors from your usual.

Just make sure to make some agreement with your local community about secondary accounts. Especially regarding gymspots. Primary accounts should take precedense over secondaries, or you’ll end up with 2 players taking all the spots in gyms, alienating other players of that color. Yes, you’ll want some storage upgrades on secondary accounts, but so do people playing on their primary accounts.

Simple, it is breaking the ToS, and thus cheating, but I dont care as long as you dont start complaining about other cheaters without mentioning yourself

Sharing account (like, playing on your girlfriends’ account) is breaking ToS. However, making a second account for yourself is not.

Though, I think Niantic doesn’t really worry about people playing on their kids or friends’ accounts. They’re probably more worried about eBay accounts and especially account theft.


Alright, lets get the “legal” part out of the way first.
It is against the Pokémon GO Trainer guidelines wich is a part of the TOS.

No cheating.

Don’t do it. Play fair. Pokémon GO is meant to be played on a mobile device and get you outside to explore your world! Methods of cheating, unfortunately, are limited only by cheaters’ imaginations, but include at a minimum the following: using modified or unofficial software; playing with multiple accounts (one account per player, please); sharing accounts; using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location; or selling/trading accounts.

Thats Niantics official stance on it. But they also dont like people using maps for raids and i may or may not have done that so i guess i cant use that argument myself.

As far as my thoughts about it go:
I dont like it. I havent got the time for it personally, and in our city which has an active playerbase i dont see the need for it. People either use them to shave their own team out of gyms so they can place their main account in it if the have accounts for different teams, or they take up an extra spot if they have accounts for the same team. Its nice you get 3 times 50 coins for your 3 accounts, but theres more players on your team than just you. I think its incredibly selfish.
We barely ever need a 2nd account during raids. Theres always enough people, and if not you can do 2 the next day.

In smaller communitys, id say go for it as long as you dont mess up other players gym experience. It could be a big help during raids. Talk about it with other players.


think we can safely say that everyone’s view depends on their local situation, regarding number of gyms, players and team occupancy

Also, good find @Robdebobrob. I stand corrected on the not breaking TOS. I really thought it wasn’t.


I think if I was to use it, it would be for local raids in my town where there are very few players. I wouldn’t really put it in gyms either.

There is a person in my neighbourhood that has a separate yellow account so they can kick themselves out of blue gyms when they can get coinsand gym shave ( kick one person out of a gym your colour so you can join in) when there isn’t enough spaces in a blue gym. The person lives close to the gym and gets annoyed when someone fills a gym and they aren’t in it, and then shaves the gym.
I personally think that one person should have one active account, but they can use other’s accounts with their permission.

That’s not spoofing, but clever. You need to do something to get that coins.
But it’s extremely irritating.
If somebody has battled at a gym with my team and didn’t kick all of them out, and I don’t know that they have battled, I come there to join the gym and get an error that people are battling at the moment, and that lasts for 5 minutes. So I can’t do anything and if my teamates do this too I can’t do anything.
Really irritating.

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I don’t think having an alternate account is cheating. I started one before gen 3 was released and the game was getting really boring for me. It’s up to lvl 30 now and I use it if a raid group needs extra numbers. I don’t play on it as much now that the game has become more fun recently.

Using it to shave gyms is cheating imo and it hurts your teammates

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@NotanotherKangaskhan how many kids do you have?

I bought a Level 29 Gym Destroyer over a year ago when the old gym system was in place just to stick in gyms and all the Pokémon got the mark of death except the ones I actually caught and evolved myself. Then raids came out so just forgot about it til beasts and we were short players so I built it up to level 35 and now have a solid 2nd account but I really hate using 2 devices after doing it the last month’s so I rarely use it anymore unless we just HAVE too use it to beat a raid. I wasn’t getting any more enjoyment actually less and spending more than everyone else so they could all get a Pokémon I have 20 of. Maybe I’m an ass, but didn’t see the use in it anymore personally. BTW the my kids account thing gets old to me also.