Have you noticed this?

Is this something with my phone or is it a glitch?


Yes I have it too

OMG that is cool!

Gen 3 doesn’t have sprites
Or most of them do

It happens in invintory screen too!

Don’t happens here…

Doesnt happen here either…

A problem of some servers? There’s another message about the same effect…

Maybe a new bug?

Every single pokemon in my inventory was affected including gen 3

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Maybe a form of optimization? If there’s too much traffic on the servers, they use this other type of image, which shurely needs less Bytes

It isn’t a bug

I really really love this :heart_eyes: I hope it stays like this


@Nehemiah @ItsAPidgey has the same with Hoothoot. Don’t know why Hoothoot is an idd one out but it is funny

Specifically your 100 IV lapras stands out

This is trash


This is April fools :wink:

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Thanks @Jormdeworm