Have we been tricked by Niantic

And might we be treated… was the more Gen 3 line in December a trick and will we be treated by Gen 3 right after the current event…


Anything is possible.
Wasn’t Gen II released straight after the Pink event finished?

Yes, it happened immediately after the event.

The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. Niantic always let us down. Therefore, we should hold back in this case.

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I myself think they will do the Thanksgiving event then without warning make the Pokémon bigger and let dataminers find new moves in the code and then Bam! The event ends and we get gen 3 on the first week of December

Maybe they’ll bring back Fire Turkey for thanks giving?


I wouldn’t be surprised if we see most if not all the gen 1 and 2 legendaries make a comeback in the next 2 or 3 months.

If the “fire turkey” (lol, love that) you’re talking about is Moltres, then I doubt they would bring it back for Thanksgiving. There are 2 Thanksgivings: Canadian Thanksgiving and then American/the-rest-of-the-world-who-celebrates-thanksgiving-on-this-day thanksgiving. It wouldn’t make sense unfortunately.

Shame though, I still don’t have a Moltres…

I want to catch a fire turkey in the wild.

I think they’ve really bungled mewtwo raids. When they were released in Japan, the hype was real. YouTube videos were getting the kind of views they haven’t gotten since last year. People at raids were all talking about it and trying to do as many raids as they could to increase their chance and then…nothing. A few people got them seemingly random and then you never heard of any again. Now they announce they are going to redo the system, but they won’t recapture the hype they had before.

Raiding has slowed down significantly and this Halloween event has fizzled since it takes about an hour to get all of the new mons and then what’s the point? Trying in vain for a shiny I guess might keep some going. If you need gen 1/2 candy, too bad because there are about 6-8 mons that have taken over your encounters.


Well if they dont release the whole generation 3 i will quit.I am super mad that i wont get even suicune because everybody is dissapointed and stoped playing the game.I agree with your thoughts.Lets wait and see what will happen.