Have any of you ever got this before?

Yep. Came up with something about level 40 after I’d already hit it so didn’t pay too much attention. Big brother is watching you pal… :eyes:

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George Orwell, nice. 1984 is a classic👍🏻

i was getting this notification every week in the summer time

Yes, but not in this level. I have received it on my way to level 29, 30 and 31.

Yeah, I’ve gotten this message before.

Also, I’ve gotten one that tells me that “now is a great time to go out and explore your local parks”. Ironically, I got that during a local sandstorm :joy:


No random unusual messages here.

All the time back when I was just at the level 33. I like how you can have literally 2.5 million xp to go and yet it says join millions of trainres in levelling up in this week lol


I got this message but outside it was -5°C and hail / lighting not a good combination to explore local parks with hills and tall trees :L