Hatches so far during Equinox event...Feel free to share yours!

Since the event started and after I cleared out all my old eggs, I’ve hatched 17 new eggs

5 10km’s
8 5km’s
4 2km’s

From 5km’s, I’ve hatched:

2 Stantler’s (best was 87%)
2 Mankey’s (best was 89%)
2 Teddisura’s (best was 91%)
1 Pinsir (87%)
1 Eevee (93%)

From 10km’s, I’ve hatched:

2 Porygon’s (best was 89%)
1 Snorlax (96%)
1 Lapras & 1 Aerodactyl (both were less than 80%)

From 2km’s, I’ve hatched:
1 Chansey (82%)
1 Oddish (82%)
1 Larvitar & 1 Remoraid (both were less than 80%)

I’ll update more as we go…Feel free to post yours! Happy Hatching!

I got a Remoraid, that was fun…

4 Stantlers, 1 Porygon, 1 Lapras, 1 Aerodactyl, 2 Larvitar and 1 Remoraid, all above 80%.
Ah, nearly I forget, there was as well a Dratini…
And I’m waiting to hatch 4 10km-eggs and 2 2km-eggs

I hatched 2 Oddish, 1 Remoraid, 1 Chansey, 1 Tyrogue, 1 Mareep, 1 Pinsir, 1 Eevee and 1 Mankey

I hate how Stantlers are so common…they’re completely useless in the game lol…At least all yours have been above 80% so far!

I got a snorlax from a 10km and a mareep from a 2km. Everything else has been crap. Even mareep isn’t that great because although it’s rare, ampharos isn’t real useful other than filling in your dex.

I’ve had several 10km eggs and other than the snorlax, it’s been porygons and aerodactyls.

I hardly get any 2km eggs from stops, it’s been frustrating.

I am so tired of Porygons. I’ve got 1 Lapras, 1 Snorlax and 9 porygons. I’ve got 6 chancy, 5 larvatar and a handful of rifraf from 2km eggs.

Guess as long as I am getting double dust from the hatches and catches I won’t complain.

Lol your 2km hatches are a dream compared to mine! Would love some more chancey/larvitar candy.

I’ve been keeping track and only 2 of my last nine egg drops have been 2km. The rest are a fairly even split of 5 and 10. I’ve been trying to walk as much as I can, but I’m not spending anymore coins on incubators if this is how they’re doing the eggs during the event.

In no particular order I’ve hatched.
4x Tyrouge
2x Mareep
2x Larvitar
2x Chancey

2k and 5k only in the Infinity
10k’s in what ever left over normal 3use Incubators I have left from doing the big 9 10k hatch.
I refuse to buy the super Incubators to hatch throw aways.
None of those hatched has been any better than what I already have.

At only 10 coins more than the regular incubators (small bundle) it is worth it to me to hatch faster and get the dust. Personal preference on that I know, but still something to consider.

Your so right… when I have seen that the big bundle gives for only 20 coins more the same as the sum of the two first adding free 4 eggs and 3 lures,this time they have calculated correctly

Hatched 2 more 2km’s last night…1 Chansey & 1 Togepi (both less than 80%)…Other than the 96% Snorlax & 93% Eevee…I’m getting quite a few with bad IV’s, it’s pretty disappointing

Yeah, at least the eggs of an event could be controlled to be higher

well, guys i got nothing cool frm the 2 k’s but ooooooodish. still waiting to hatch the 5 5k’s and 1 10k

I’ve gotten 1Chansey, 1Dratini, 1Mankey, 1Porygon and 1 Oddish. Oddish… what a disappointment :sweat_smile:

I have 2 10k eggs, 2 5k eggs and one 2k eggs hatching.

I got 2 Miltanks, 2 Scythers, 1 LARVITAR(Pokédex), 1 oddish, 1 tyrogue andw a few more

I just hatched 2 more 2km’s and they were another Larvitar & a Tyrogue (both less than 80% again)…I’m getting horrible IV’s on the 2km’s so far

4 Lapras, 1 Snorlax, a few Dratini, 4 Mareep, 3-4 L’tar, 3 Aeroductyle, 4 Sudowood, 5-6 Stantlers, 4-5 Mantine and 4-5 Aipoms apart from regular stuff that comes from hatches. I was really disappointed with all Lapras move sets(Water Gun and Hydropump)

Edit: Forgot to mention 5 Chancey. All without the help of distance multiplier incubaters, normal ones were good enough for me for the price.

2 oddish, 1 Remoraid, 2 Tyrogue(1 Top,1 Chan(Both Pokédex))(1 92%), 1 mareep(98%!!), 2 Pinsir(1 91%), 2 eevees, 1 pineco, 3 larvitar(Pokédex), 2 scyther, 2 Miltanks(93%), 1 Poygon(93%), 1 omanyte and 1 Areodactyl(Pokédex). So far, so good!

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You’ve done pretty well so far! I hatched my 3rd Larvitar this morning and they’ve all been under 80%…really disappointing