Has your in game map changed?

Not sure where to post this but I noticed that my map has changed (my driveway no longer appears and there are less roads marked around me).
Has anyone else noticed this in their game?

Yes, but not now, here the map has changed to lesser details about 5 month ago, and allways I thought it was a problem how they read the Google-Maps (or what ever system of maps they use).
Here in Valencia we have an old riverbed converted in a large park with a lot of walking path. All these path’s have been in the PoGo-map before June, now it’s only a large dark-green zone.

Yes, noticed it this morning with paved area in our factory site previously appearing as road. Now it’s gone.

Maybe lesser details, lesser data-traffic?

There is a sports centre where i live and it has been revamped and they have changed the car park shape on the map as it has beeen in real life

They have updated their archived Google Maps data to the newest update. I have seen some changes as well. Google Maps is constantly updating, but Niantic were still using July 2016 data - new houses or paths etc were not mapped until now.

It’s changed back again and internal pavement is appearing as a road again.
Local Discord is reporting the same, changed and changed back.

I wrote about it a month ago on my blog…


In my town, there is a canal. However Niantic decided to remove it from the map

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