Has anyone had their 4* changed without warning?

I’m a relatively new player. I downloaded the game along with my wife during the first part of COVID. She had a birthday, so it seemed like a good ‘date’ gift.

Within the year, I’ve collected several 4*, a favorite being a 1486 (Galarian) Stunfisk. I noticed a few days ago that without warning it is no longer a 4*. This disturbs me and is frustrating. Can anyone help me understand what is going on?

I have never heard of such a thing. You didn’t trade it on accident, did you?

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No accidental trade.

Is there a process I can go through to get my concern heard by someone within the company and to actually have a person respond to me?

You could try the help desk, but without photographic proof, I don’t see it happening.

I’ve herd it being claimed it’s happened before but have never seen any hard proof e.g. time dated photo evidence of before and after.
You could raise it with the help desk but I don’t like your chances of getting anything done about it. They very rarely change things on people’s accts. Normal practice is to fob people off with game items like Star Pieces, Lucky Eggs or Raid Passes.

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Where do I find this help desk?

I’ve previously gone to “settings” in the app and gone to “get support.” There I logged a report that there was a bug, but that is all I was able to do.

Remember in 2016 (or early 2017?) Niantic did a nerf of many Pokémon? I had a CP 200 Magikarp that I was preparing to evolve suddenly lose a few dozen CP points. They called it a rebalancing. And again a couple of years later when they nerfed Blissey to make it less invulnerable guarding gyms.

Not the same thing that @ScrawgDawg is describing, but other instances when the numbers suddenly changed for Pokémon already captured.

That is with the base stats, not IV’s

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Exactly. And Niantic changed the numbers for Pokémon that players had already captured, in both instances.

But a base stat change wouldn’t change the star rating

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Nor did anybody say it would.

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Just sounded like you implied that.

Ok we got that misunderstanding out of the way

How’s everyone doing?
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The two responses I have gotten from Niantic are:

“In reference to your question please understand that Pokemon stats can not be changed on their own. Pokemon GO is designed in such a way that it prevents such loss to happen. Thanks for understanding.”


“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please understand, the appraise will not get affected or can be changed. Sadly we can not make any change to the same. Thanks for understanding.”

Well, I don’t understand.

Stunfisk was one of 25 four stars that I have collected. It was hatched from an egg on 9.3/2020. I put a “4” to the right of his name, which is what I have done with my other 4’s. I’ve since gone back and taken pictures of my other 24, as if that is going to somehow provide evidence or protect them. I notice in talking with Niantic there is no provision for uploading or sharing photos, so…

This means Niantic can basically adjust all of the numbers. They can adjust everybody’s stats, and unless we keep track, we are not going to notice. They are destroying the whole point in collecting with this move. If there is no point to collecting, there is really no point to playing this game.