Harry Potter:Wizards Unite- Chatting and sharing friend codes

My Friend code in Harry Potter:Wizards Unite is 5340 8948 1029


The game looks great tho.

Wait it’s out? I have really missed something last week. but I probably won’t go play HPWU much as I rather play Pokémon GO.


I’m not playing it. PoGo takes up enough of my time.


I think is fun right now because it’s something different I’ll let you know in about a week How I feel about it then

I thought about trying it despite not being a big Potter guy. I dunno, popping open another map-based game kinda puts me off though. That and there is no Adventure Sync … yet. lol

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I say is worth Trying out if you’re burnt out on pokemon

wow, that was rapid… here in Spain the app has been deleted from the Google-Shop.

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I can’t find it either.

It’s alright, I feel like it’s easier. I’m alternating between PoGo and HP Wizards Unite since the stops/gyms correspond with the inns/greenhouses/fortresses in HP.

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I have it in one phone and I have reached lvl 5, but I wanted it on another device too.

It needs a bit to find the things, but’s normal for the beginning.
eggs -> portkeys
balls -> spell-energy
potions you have to make by ingredients and time
Funny is to do the spells tracing with your finger a line on the screen, so it’s not allways the same movement to catch something.

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The game is not compatible with my phone :sob:
Guess I’ll have to buy a new phone soon.

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I’m loving the game so far It’s refreshing to play something new @bagguille What’s your friend code for Harry Potter

The code is 8349 0539 9611

But you know that in this moments the only use is when you do something together… And there’s only a very low probability that I will visit USA

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Right on let me know when you come to the U.S.A I got 2 extra rooms

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The code is 5433 4542 1544

I just started playing. My code: 4230 2821 5143

I’m still waiting. I need new friends in HPWU.

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If we’re going to have another game here, can we integrate them somehow? My new Conkeldurr, Lucario, and Garchomp team would like to have a few moments alone with Harry…

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:roll_eyes::roll_eyes: no