Hardest Pokemon Capture

What was your hardest captures?

I had hard time with Kyorge before they fixed it distance.

Also hard to get dragonites it’s usually difficult for me to hit an excellent cause of it’s wings.

Raquaza was also difficult.

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Spoink, the only non legendary, I had/have trouble catching. It’s the bouncing. Other then that, legendarily like Kyogre, Articuno Lugia and Ho-oh


The few times I caught a wild Dragonite, I burned through a lot of berries and Ultra Balls.

Old distance Kyogre is my hardest one
Strangely, i quite like the old one as i feel it suit the legendaries status
Hardest to battle, hardest to catch, feeling misserable when i failded but extremely happy when i caught one regardles of the CP…


Articuno. Without these research breaktrough boxes I only had 1 out of 16

I’ve had two snorlax each under 1000 cp that wasted 20 ultra balls before finally being caught, I don’t know why they stuck around that long but they did

Non-Legendary mons;

  1. Murkrow at 66.42% (1,363 caught as at 04/06/18)
  2. Natu at 71.98% (1,711 caught as at 04/06/18)
    Legendary mons;
  3. Articuno at 62.11% (11 caught - still to catch my 1st field research reward)
  4. Lugia at 62.96% (51 caught as at when they last left).

I’m thinking 2-9 is worse than 3-12 but it is pretty much tied with me for worst catch percentage.

I have quite a few Pokémon like this that I shiny check but aren’t worth catching

Just realised I hadn’t posed the screen shots… :flushed:

But that’s so much lost XP & dust…?!? :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s a lot of murkrow

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I’ve been running out of poke balls and great balls recently and I want to save my ultra balls for larvitar, so this week has been mostly tap-and-run unfortunately

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Kyogre tormented me…I had 6 chances to get a 98% IV whale and if eluded me each time (5 after the distance was fixed). It is the only one that has really put me at my whits end.


Somehow the hardest pokemon are weaker or just have terrible IV’s.


Those rates are actually quite high

Registeel kinda hard for me. I haven’t gone after it much.

For normal non-resident boss catch, Murkrow is the one, I try to catch it when I have many balls or knowing I will have time to spin many pokestops

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