Happy Pikachu and Eevee Day!

Looks like it is a Pickahu and Eevee Day since yesterday! Happy catching!


Caught so many this afternoon :astonished:
Hopefully my dad and I can combine enough to get 20 to send to lets go


Can other people send pokemon to your Let’s Go account?


Up to like 4 people if I am correct.

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What’s the requirement?

Ive had like 6 accounts linked so far


Sorry but I have not played console games in decades, first and last was Nintendo Family Computer of the 90s. Just to know, does Let’s Go uses account just like in PoGo? Like one Nintendo Switch with either Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee in one house, then how many individual could play in one console, with their own account?

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One account for lets go, up to two players.

What I mean is that Player 1 achievement is independent of that of Player 2?

I don’t mean that 2 players can play with the console simultaneously, (either cooperative, turn base or against each other like that of the old NIntendo consoles).

What I mean with “account” is just like playing Plants vs Zombies in an iPhone where up to like 4 players could play, each of one of course, but their achievement is separate from each other, so it could be that Player 1 is Level 1 in Stage 1, Player 2 is Level 2 in Stage 2, Player 3 is Level 3 in Stage 10 and Player 4 is Level 5 in Stage 20.

IF you mean that ONLY “1 Account for Let’s Go”, then I am right to say that:

  1. The game is just design for playing of one person who will have his/her progress in the game.

  2. The words, “up to two players” only means that a second player could play along with the player(account owner) just like helping him/her catch pokemon and any progress (Level, Stage or InGame Location, Items pick, quest finished, etc) is just for the account of the one who own the console?

  3. Two players could play, because the console happens to have two controllers and the software allows it.

  4. Could the console owner allow anyone to play with his device and the visitor player plays the Let’s Go and creating his/her own in-game avatar and have his/her own progress or the visitor player will have no other choice but just to continue the game played by the console owner?

Sorry for bothering, but it just happen that I could not have any actual experience with the Let’s Go games, and even the Nintendo Switch console so I could just imagine and compare the possibility with my previous experience with other devices.

I got one Lets GO game.
My sister plays with me.
She can catch pokemon, and battle with me along with running around.

Well, yeah, I don’t really know what you mean by this, anyone really could play instead of you?

@HLAJR sorry for not telling you this but you can create multiple switch accounts, up to like 10.
So there can be multiple accounts on one game on one switch.

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That’s what I am looking for, multiple players playing their own account, having their own progress, but just in one copy of the Let’s Go game and played in just one physical Switch console.

Thanks for the clarification.

Just one more thing… since the Let’s Go game have two variant, the Pikachu and the Eevee version, so what if I have both of them, of course I could play them both on the Switch. Then what would be the scenario with the player account?

  1. I would have two separate “account”, one in both version?

  2. I would only need one “account” (probably since it could be “service” based - meaning some data is stored either in the switch(device) or in Nintendo server) and if I am already say Level 10 in Let’s Go Pikachu, then when I play Let’s Go Eevee, I would just be the same virtual player, with same Level and other achievements.

I am aware that some pokemons are only available in the specific Let’s Go version, so what will happen if you manage to buy both and played both? so that was my “boggling scenario”. :grin:

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Sorry for the confusion… What I mean with that is just like this… Say you have a cousin that visited your home and then you let him/her play Let’s Go in your Switch, BUT and a BIG BUT…

YOU will NOT LET him/her USE your own “account” so as not to MESS with your game “played”, if you know what I mean :grin:

That’s the reason I was asking if Let’s Go support some sort of “account” system per player.

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Lets GO Pikachu and Lets GO Eevee are two separate games and would have didferent progress, until you start one, it will be at 0%.

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@HLAJR if you ever get a switch it took me a while to figure out how to get multiple accounts but now it is pretty easy.

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I guess I will just stick with PoGo :joy:

Can’t afford Switch :grin:

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I was thinking they are totally independent BUT I see it as a waste of resources UNLESS they will be some sort of Interaction in between the two versions.

  1. Total Waste if they have the same in game features and level difficulty or more similarity than difference.

  2. Total Waste if they just want to have some pokemons available to one version.

  3. Good thing if you can port your account from one version into the other, like for example, you are already Level 10 in Pikachu, then you play Eevee and you can use same account so as not to go back from scratch, but just to enjoy what’s in the one version that is not in the other version.

  4. Good thing if the other version is like a sequel to the other version, like Pikachu having for example the first 50 cities or something like Kanto and Johto, then Eevee having Hoenn and Sinnoh, something like that.

Anyway, just saying my thought on that. I would not possibly be affected if I would not be playing it :rofl:

Goodluck and Enjoy the game! Hope to see your Meltan and Melmetal in PoGo soon!

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I just murdered like 40 Pikachus over the last few days because I didn’t think about transferring them into the Switch.


You should have… Don’t let them go to waste… and Eevee too, while supply last :grin:

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