Happy Birthday, Pokemon GO!

We have a slough of bonuses coming in throughout the summer for celebrating our third year of Pokemon GO. I’ll let you look over those bonuses, but I wish to point out the picture.

Do you see them?!



This summer just got interesting! Sure, I think we will still have to wait until September–if the September 2nd day means anything–but still, HYPE OVERDRIVE!!


And spark’s in the back taking a picture of smeargle

And there’s a Mime Jr.

Mewtwo is back! I see Team Rocket theme here.

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looks like detective picture city

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Most hyped to see Gen 5


This event is pathetic. Only Alolan Rattata spawns. How can I get other shiny Alolan Pokemon when they don’t spawn? Clothes in the shop aren’t free and I don’t have other players here to raid and trade with them. Niantic could have done so much better with this event. They should have introduced Lucky Raid Passes.


I think it’s ok so far

Now there are spawns of Alolan Geodude and Diglett and I’ve only seen 1 Exeggutor. Still can’t do raids and trades with other players. I got the party hat Pikachu. The special research is nice, but there will be PvP battles and trading as tasks so that will be difficult for me.

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