Halloween Event (All Around The World?)

The Halloween Event revolves around the actual “holiday” Halloween right? However, isn’t Halloween an original Ireland tradition? Since England is right next door, they might also celebrate it. And you know is Americans will find any reason to celebrate something. So what about the countries who don’t celebrate Halloween? Would it make sense in letting them participate in the event or not? I think everyone should still be included, but some people relate one thing to the event and others say free event. Same can be said about Easter and Christmas and other traditions some countries follow but not others.

In the last two years we already had two Halloween events. Both were worldwide. LIke most other events, too.

This discussion is useless. We’ve already had 2 halloweens in PoGo and they were both worldwide, hence the next one will be also.

What woudl be next? when creating an account you have to check off which holiday’s and religions you beileve in so you can partake in the right ones?


I know that we’ve had worldwide events already twice. I guess this conversation is useless, I just thought that… nevermind. You can close it anyone.