Gyms in level 14 cells

Everything I have read says you can only get a gym once there are 2+ pokestops in a level 14 cell, which is proving impossible where I live as the only 2 things in the village that can be pokestops are in different l14 cells. However I’ve noticed a few gyms in other villages where there are gyms in l14 cells on their own so is there still a chance one of my pokestops could change to a gym as well do you think? Just wondering if the criteria has changed recently.

Nothings changed recently.
1 Point of interest = 1 Pokestop
2 Points of interest = 1 Pokestop & 1 Gym
6 Poi = 4 Pokestops & 2 Gyms
20 Poi = 17 Pokestops & 3 Gyms

There 64 L17 cells inside 1 L14 Cell
You can only have 1 Poi in a L17 Cell.

The things that break any of those rules are Sponsored Poi and Poi already in the game before the rules as they are now were redefined.

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Thanks. It’s odd, there a pokestop in the next village that was new, then a few months later turned into a gym and it’s all by itself with no other stop or gym at all.