Gym Rework Prep

With the coming Gym rework, to prep for it I’ve been grinding out all candies as much as possible and same with stardust, down a couple candies due to the biome I’m in, but still have a week to make up ground
How are you guys preparing for this?

Hoarding Stardust is the only real way to prepare right now.


Well I personally think that there is no real evidence to suggest that we should be preparing. So for me I’m just playing normally and am waiting to see what the gym rework is before I do anything. Preparing for something that is basically a mystery is kind of hard.

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I’m keeping off anything during this event. Stacking candy and dust is the only thing I can do, as nobody knows what rework will bring.


im now always saving my candies for next double xp event but stardust is a MUST


Stacking dust from catches, using Go Plus to try to catch more also. Prepping alternative mons to place in gyms too given we may be seeing some kind of cap for Pokémon species - mainly those who I have lots of candy for currently - Parasect, Poliwrath / Politoed, Alakazam (yes it’s a poor defender but also has swag), Victreebell, Vileplume & Tangela (all personal choices).

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when this gym rework drops - im still skeptical though hmmm

We need more info about this gym rework, but in the meantime I’m stacking on candies and dust just in case.


Has there been any leaks as to what’s​ going to be in the reworked gyms?

The update will be worthless if cheats and joysticking is still possible. Also being a solo player it’ll be difficult if joint raids are mandatory for gym battles. I hope they get it right :ok_hand:t2:


If they make it mandatory to do cooperative raids then I’m not interested. I enjoy the gym game, but I’m not interested in cooperative play.


Everyone so hyped up about Gym rework, lets say Niantic says you can have only ‘x’ number of a kind mon in a gym … if someone puts a higher CP mon of your kind already there then you get knocked out. Over and above that some top limit on the number of mons you can put in a gyms in total. What do you say?

I don’t think someone will be able to knock out a Pokémon with a higher CP version of itself. For example if you have a Blastoise in the gym they won’t allow another regardless of CP. I could be wrong but if I am then Niantic will have totally ruined the game.

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Yup! But come to think of it practically. Why should there be a Dragonite of 2000CP in a gym when higher one is ready to take it’s place? Gyms might come up with a different interface … 1) Prestiging as we normally know 2) Challenging a present mon of same type for it’s place, winner takes the slot, maybe best of 3 if close fight.

It is possible it would happen, but it would just further lend itself to spoofers. It would be even easier for them because they could go to any gym and take the top spot with their thrones of 100% IV dragonite or tyranitars.
That said Niantic has done everything possible to sabotage themselves so why should I think the gym update will be any different.

No one has attacked my gyms for the last 3 days, so now I have plenty of potions saved up for the Gym rework.

Edit- as I just posted that, one of my gyms just got taken down.

I’ve been working on maxing out my top 10-13 Gym Defenders since I recently made it to level 35. I’ve also been evolving my good IV mons. I have a suspicion that Niantic will retire some move sets in tandem with the gym rework. I’m evolving to increase my odds at having more legacy move set mons with good IV’s. For example, before gen two dropped and the rebalance happend Dragonite could learn dragon breath and dragon claw. Now it can’t learn either. Anyone who has battled a good IV Dragonite knows that this moveset is a beast and a pain to dodge. For that reason if I catch a good Horsea I’m going to evolve it (love dragon breath). Same with bulbasaur, swinub, phanpy, and some other tier 1, 2, and three Mons. If I’m wrong I have a good IV mon with either a good or bad move set so its not much risk and it increases my odds of Legacy move sets if some type of rebalance does happen.

I don’t know how to post a screen shot but I have saved 54 potions, 42 super potions, 11 hyper potions, 64 max potions, and 12 max revives. I don’t count regular revives because I discard any I get past 30. No one has attacked my gyms since Saturday, so I’m just collecting coins and not having to do any work. I’m kind of missing having to battle everyday.

Take out a few rival team gyms and they will come after yours :smiley:

Stocked some potions, stardust and candies.
Probably I’m gonna trash all potions and revives that exceed 100.