Gym raid visibility

Hey i can see raids from a gym 775 meters away, but not from the 612 meter and 725 meter away gyms.
Neither one of these are ex-raid gyms.
I used Google Maps straight line distance and not the roads.

Whats the reason? :expressionless:


If you’ve recently gone past a gym or remoted into it via remote berry feeding, it will appear on the map, even if it’s a few km’s away.

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gyms that have a raid or egg on them are visible slightly further then the normal range. This is changed a while back to kinda make up for the lack maps to see where raids are.

625m gym and 775m gym both just had a raid egg. I never see the 625 even i should.

Have not visited neither one of the shortest and furthest gyms in a week.

So upper silver gym shows raids and raid eggs, but bottom bronze gym does not even it is closer. Still neither is Ex gym nor do i 99% of the time have pokemons defending there.

I wish I could see gyms as far away as that silver one, I can only see 2 gyms from mine and they are about half the distance of your silver one away. If I could see gyms as far away as your silver gym, I would be able to see 6 gyms.