Gym/raid suggestions

Okay, first off, I will state the issue I currently see, and its possible solution. first let us start with Gyms

P - Pokecoins. You only recieve them after they have been defeated, which causes problems for players who wish to use those coins currently to make purchases. For example, I wish to purchase Gym Raid Passes, and so I have to wait for my pokemon to be defeated in order to get the coins I need to make the pruchase, not a good system if your pokemon tend to last a long time in gyms.

S - Instead of rewarding players with their earned coins once the pokemon has been defeated, take advantage of the Raid System curfew, and at 9:00 PM, reward players with the coins their pokemon have earned within in the last 24 hours.

P - Gyms become filled too quickly, this may seem, like a weird thing to think of, but, Gyms become filled quite quickly, and from my experiences, living near 8 gyms, and 13 Pokestops, the gyms are constantly filled with pokemon from the same 6 players. And it is difficult to get a spot because one must constantly wait for someone from another team to defeat them, which can take a few days.

S - Create more Gyms

P - Choosing Pokemon during a fight. While you are in a fight, for example, I fight a Blastoise using a Venusaur, and immediatly after, there is a Charizard, I have to either choose to continue the battle, take massive damage while switching pokemon, or leave the battle, and keep fighting blastoise again.

S - Allow players to choose WHICH pokemon they wish to use in between battles.

P - Pokemon GO Plus Support. Pokemon Go plus does not spin the gym pokestops.

S - Allow Go Plus to spin Gym Pokestops as well.

P - There are no visual indicators that the Gym Pokestop has been spun, unlike pokestops, where wait for the color of light blue to return, we must wait and guess for Gyms.

S - Make a visual indicator, maybe change the color of the Gym symbol?

Now, the RAID system, I don’t have that many issues with it, but I do have suggestions.

P - The pokemon that appear, are always the same CP, unlike in the wild, where sometimes the CP can be very high, or very low, or somewhere in between.

S - Make each Pokemon’s Raid CP, within a certain limit, obviously don’t make a Croconaw have the ability to appear with 25,000 CP, just make a certain limit, from 3,000-8,000 CP per say.

P - THere are currently only 23 pokemon, now, a lot of people have argued with me over this point, but let me explain my stance. Right now there are 23 pokemon available in raids levels 1-4, I would love to see more pokemon in these Raid Boss Gyms, my issue with the current 23, is that they no longer make these “rare” Pokemon, well… rare!, I am given the oportunity on more than 4 occasions a day to catch an Alakazam, and sure, it is awesome to do so, but it feels repetitive.

S - I think they should include A LOT more pokemon, and give it a % rarity or chance such as regular eggs, now, I do not think they should add ALL pokemon to the raid system, for example, I know what to expect when it comes to the raid eggs, but one pokemon I ahve been seraching for since day 1 nd have never seen, is Porygon, and so, I would love to see a Porygon have a 2% chance to spawn from a lvl 4 egg, things such as that, the same way that % probabilities work with eggs, should apply ina similar format to raids, (but with different pokemon obviously), different pokemon, means a new experience every raid, right now, I go the raid, it is the same pokemon, with the same CP, with the same players fighting it, adding new pokemon to it, gives it a new experience every time I go out.

These are my suggestions when it comes to gyms, raids, and the system itself, I hope you can either agree or disagree, but please no hate.


I counted on winning or adding a pokemon into a gym so I could get my 10 pokecoins for each one that was in a gym. I always saved my coins to purchase items from the shop like bag extensions and incubators. I knew just how long i had to wait and how many coins I would get. I am disabled so I dont get out every day and the way it is now I only recieved one coin when my dragonite got beat out of a gym. I DO NOT LIKE THIS THE WAY IT IS NOW!!! Please put that part of Pokemon go back the way it was.

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