Gym playing is boring

I find the rewards for gym playing are so bad now…

My wife was driving and I had my game open. There was a gym we were passing and it had an open slot. So I clicked a Pokemon. However I clicked a Spinarak (accidentally, it was sorted by recent not CP). It stayed there till the next morning. Now, when I can get the same payout with a CP 300 Spinarak in one gym as someone with 10+ gyms what’s the point to play gyms anymore.This morning I had it come back with 50 coins. And I guess in general you put any pokemon in a gym in the evening then the next day when it’s kicked out, 50 coins, then what? I no longer feel like getting in more gyms. (unless I’m helping someone else, or playing in a group)

Coin thing is frustrating, just had a defender coming back after 2days 17 hours but didnt get anything as I was capped. Luckily I enjoy gym play for other reasons.

I am also not happy with the new situation, most of it has already been mentioned by many players but it is what is is at the moment and I try to see the positive things of it.

What I like about it at the moment is that a lot of lower level players have their mons in gyms now. That’s nice to see.

And in stead of the ‘big 7’ only, gyms are full of all sorts of mons.

Actually if there is a slot open I try to put in a mon myself that I never put in in the old situation. Mobs like Muk, Aerodactyl, Magmar, et cetera. Plus it only needs to stay in for 8-9 hours to reach the daily cap.