Gym Mechanics Question - Motivation

Yesterday I found a yellow gym and cleared it (Go Valor!). I dropped my Blissey in the gym, and immediately saw the CP drop 10 points within a minute of placement. I gave it berries all day yesterday and would see a big increase on the first berry, and things diminished after. As I understood it this was normal. When the spin reset (5 minutes) the you could give another berry that would be at the full value.

Flash forward to this morning. My Blissey was at 0 motivation so I ventured out and gave it a couple berries. I ran some errands and on the way home stopped by to give it more. To my dismay, it was only a 30 CP jump. I was put for 20-30 minutes so I expected at least a moderate increase in CP, not 30 points on a 3000+ Max CP Pokémon.

All the other Pokémon in the gym are at max or near max motivation. My Blissey does not show it has been in any battles since yesterday. All the other pokemonin the gym are from accounts lvl 27-32. My account is lvl 37.

So my question is does the CP diminish more on Blissey than other Pokémon? The only other explanation I can come up with is that the owners of the other accounts refuse to feed my Blissey when they maintain their Pokémon. Also has anyone else noticed that the berries are do not reset in a short period of time this morning?

I notice that my Arcanine goes very much slower down, than my Blissey. But I cannot say nothing about the other effect, I’m not often enough there to note it.

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There seems to be a higher decay rate in mons over 3k CP placed in gyms. Maybe see how quickly something like a 2,600CP Venusaur or 2,500CP Lapras takes to decay to that level (notwithstanding people actually battling it). Drop them in late evening & check them in the morning perhaps.

There are lotsa flaws in the system :confused:

  • When you take over a gym and a team mate for some reason was out of the battle, or just joined to late, well they have to wait 8 to 9 minutes before they can put in a pokemon :confused: cause the didn’t participate in the battle.

I can undertstand, there’s a Battle priority, but i think 2 or 3 minutes is more then enough

  • When battling a Gym and you are on the last battle busy to deplet all hearts, a rival team just can enter the battle, doing almost nothing and they can take over the gym you defeated because they where quicker to put in a moin (happened 2 times today to me :confused:

  • Other players with the same color, just kick out the first pokemon with another account then they switch again and put in there own pokémon.
    This is just as with the old gym system, we have players, who kick out own team mates to make room for themself and taking over 10+ gyms, giving no change to other own team members to collect coins. And since they put in, the pokemon as last, you have to ask a rival team to kick out ALL pokemon (My wife is a rival team :smiley: ) so she can put 1 in and then i have to beat my wifes pokemon so i and my team mates can put in back our pokemon, so we can at least collect 5 coins in the best situation, cause they come back to do the same thing, kick out own team members and put there pokemon in it.

Pokemon over 3000CP deplet 10% faster then pokemon under 3000CP

That’s the reason i don’t put in pokemon above 3000CP, you have to feed it to much and way faster, while other pokémon under 3000CP you only have to feed once a day to keep it happy, it’s laso more fun to feed your teammates pokémon if there under 3000CP, 1 berrie will do, while a 300CP+ pokemon at the same time you need to feed 15+ berries

If your Blissey is above 3000CP it goes down 10% faster then your Arcanine if that one is lower then 3000CP

My Blissey has only 2700, still I can’t have a bigger one.

Pokémon gradually lose motivation over time.
Estimated: 10% motivation lost per hour for Pokemon >3000 CP and ~1.1% if < 3000 CP, heavily favoring Pokemon below 3,000 CP.


Well, it seems we need a more detailed investigation. For what I have seen, there are the two effects. First what you tell, that Mons over 3000 loose CP more rapid. But aparat, for me there is a secondary effect, depending of the type of Mon involved.

I left a Pidgeot in a gym where I usually leave a Blissey. He lasted 2 days where my Blissey normally gets knocked out in less then a day. I now have an Ariados there and he has been defending for more then 5 hours with barely any motivation gone. I doubt anyone fed him because you can’t get to the gym by car. You have to park and hike up a hill. That is why I liked to put my Blissey there under the old gym rules. The effort to beat her wasn’t worth it for most people.