Gym kickout - something new going on?

I may be totally wrong here but I ‘think’ I am seeing something new going on with retention of 'mon in a gym. Earlier today I had a 'mon kicked out of a gym - nothing new there but when I looked at the gym the other 'mons that were there with me were still there (and only those - nobody new) - seemed strange - why would someone kick out one mon without the others (and they are all low CP).

That got me wondering and I have been monitoring gyms in the area and I have seen two more examples were a single low CP mon has disappeared from a Gym - at the moment not seeing any great reason for this - I wondered if it was a new 24 hour kick out (mine was at about 24 hours or thereabouts) but I see other mons at over the 24 hours - the others I have seen ‘disappear’ from the gyms (again no change of team and no extra mons) have all been very low on CP.

It may just be co-incidence and there is some joker out there just sniping single mons out of gyms but first time I have noticed this kind of behaviour.

Cuz u Can beat only one pokemon and left the gym battle

As the person who enters the gym, it has happened to me two or three times… I was there to fight down the Gym, but after the first fight I have received an important call, so was inable to stay more time and go away…
It was not nice for the first fight I won, but there are more important things in life than PoGo

Just not something I have seen actually happen before and all of a sudden I have had it happen to me and two other gyms I have monitored - hey ho - probably just me being hopeful some change is gonna come!

Hihi, why not, but sometimes there are other reasons… :grin:

My hypothesis is that your Pokémon returned from the gym naturally (restructuring the gym) because of losing all their motivation. This is something I have never seen, but if the pokemon was PC low and stay several hours without feeding it is the only eplication I can think of. Again it is only a hypothesis.

Holy crap the same happened to me today
A gym full of 2000± Mons and a 400 Drowzee, this morning all the mons were out except the Drowzee

It’s not unusual or uncommon. A lot of people for example will battle while they drive by a gym but will get kicked out from fighting when they go out of range.

Another example would be someone who starts battling but gets an error, or someone who golden razz berries their Pokemon and discourages the other player from battling but then the Pokemon loses the motivation by the time you check again.

Pokemon cannot get kicked out of a gym from losing all of their motivation, only through battling.


I do this all the time, usually while walking to work, If I’m in a hurry and am walking past a gym and I notice it’s low i’ll start battling it as I walk past. Sometimes I only boot a mon or two and sometimes I’ll beat it but be too far away to drop something in so it just gets left empty.

the high cp mon run out of motivation quickly. The 400 cp mon can sit all day and still be 80% motivation. Someone beat the unmotivated mon then got an error or got interrupted

Well guys to be true it’s a bug
Now it might seem that I’m talking nonsense but I have been monitoring the thing for quite a month and will even publish it on my blog this Sunday.
My observation:
It first happened when I just happened to keep my exeggutor in my local gym, closed Pogo and went shopping nearby.Now when I opened Pogo after 5 mins I saw the gym was uncontested and a message popped up saying “exeggutor was knocked out of the gym”. Well this was just abstract…
Now coming to the real point, it was another day when I kept my 856 CP chansey in the local gym and started camping there as a pokestop is just beside the gym.
While camping I could notice that the motivation drop rate was very slow like -1 CP after 2 mins approx.
So as I was just camping when an evee spawned nearby so I began catching it, when done I just returned to the gym for its inbuilt stop and noticed that my chansey’s CP dropped to 645, bewildered I checked if the gym was attacked but it showed no one had attacked it recently so I just fed some berries to chansey and returned home.
For more relevance my chansey that day returned with 50 coins.
All I could conclude that there is some bug in the motivation decreasing script that causes sudden unexplained drops in CP sometimes consecutively driving your Pokémon out of gym for no reason.

@Watcher pardon my ignorance but how do you check that a gym was attacked recently? I know you can see if a gym is currently under attack, but other than your Pokémon losing a big chunk of health I don’t know how you see a gym was attacked?

The first instance sounds like somebody beat the gym where your exeggutor was stationed. The instance with Chansey seems like was attacked one time while you were away, but somone only battled it one time knocking out a big chunk of motivation.

As far as uncontested gyms, that doesn’t prove anything. There are many players who have 20 gyms but will continue to battle to kick out players from opposing teams which leave the gyms empty. I did it today, I booted out a rival player but didn’t realize I was holding 20 gyms so it became uncontested.

The number of players who hold gyms for weeks with Pokémon at no motivation seems to contradict the theory. It is of course possible but seems unlikely as there are plausible answers to each report.

Well I just happened to tap on my chansey and saw “times defended” to be zero so it means that my chansey didn’t even fight a battle.

That doesn’t always instantly update, my guess is the server didn’t update that stat right away and that someone did attack your Chansey. It is possible there is a glitch, but it seems like there would be a ton of community outrage if there was a glitch causing ‘mon to get kicked out without being defeated.

This thing happened to many of my friends so it makes me think this is a bug, plus trainers in my region are too much competitive to do things like keep a gym half defeated.