GYM Hyper Hype!

I didn’t see a topic on this, so am starting a thread to share the gym hype.
I’m so excited that I nearly fainted reading the update info!
What are your reactions to the update news?

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I think my favorite things that I have read are that the raids can give you a chance to catch rare pokemon. That is nice for spots that do not get rare spawns very often and the TMs that will be a great addition to allow people to customize a bit more. I like basically everything that I am reading and cant wait to get to try it out.


The gym boss will be massive! So type advantage will be very sufficient offensively ! But there’s still lots of undergoing curiosity! Like the machine thing to teach the Pokémons a new move, by learning does it mean an exchange or they will add a new move. If so when battling would the moves chosen randomly! Uhmm this is interesting and a little terrifying! But there is so much potential like a A fire Pokemon with solar beam for instance! Well this could go so far!
Other things are like we can catch rare Pokemon after defeating a gym. So basically we can chose to catch any rare Pokemon by our choice? It’s nice but in the long run please DO NOT!
There are still unclear and I’m just waiting for the Go Hub bosses to break it down hehe

The TMs would most likely replace the current move that your Pokémon has not add another one.

As for capturing a raid monster I assume that you would get a chance to capture the Pokémon that you defeated. I could see this being used for legendries in the future. Make them rare to appear at a gym, then very hard to beat, and even if you manage to beat them very hard to capture. It would force you to grind out getting good Pokémon to start with then encourage almost every facet of the game to be able to have a chance at catching one.

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Regarding the TMs I’m going to assume that they will implement a system similar to the original Nintendo games, meaning that only certain Pokémon can learn certain moves and thereby replace their old moves (if they already have the maximum number of moves that is in the Nintendo games, which obviously doesn’t apply to Poké GO). This means that no, a plant or water Pokémon is unlikely to learn a fire move and vice versa.

I’ve spent a lot of time building up a good prestiging team. Based on the coming reworks, I’m guessing those pokemon will now become irrelevant? Kind of stinks…

On the positive side, I won’t be worried about storage for a while, until Gen3 comes out :slight_smile:

Gotta work on item storage now!

Ninetales currently can learn solar beam.


I just evolved a Ninetales today that knows solar beam.

Don’t delete your low CP Pokemon yet. Maybe it will work like before, kind of… When attacking, lower the CP of your Pokemon, more morale you take from the opponent!

That is not confirmed will it work that way or not. But don’t delete any of your Pokemon yet.

Not little bit about the update. HYPE HYPE HYPE so exited. Great news!!!

Only one question remains. How much will the spoofers be a problem now?


I doubt that your current team will become completely irrelevant. It will likely be a priority to have a balanced team in the gym, so maybe some of your prestigers will come in handy, depending on which Pokémon other trainers put in the gym.

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The more I have looked at it and seen info released I don’t think you will get to pick which move they learn but I think you will get a chance to reroll out of the move set available to that Pokémon.

Example: I have two Dragonite both with Steel wing for the fast move, the TM would let me reroll to try to get Dragon Tail

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Yes, that seems to be the case.
It does mean that Pokémon will still keep the current possible movesets though, so no Victreebel will be able to learn Fire Blast for example, but you might be able to reroll for a Victreebel that has Sludge Bomb to have Solar Beam or Leaf Blade.

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This is a great idea! It would give Pokemon dedicate to prestige something to do now that, from my understanding, we no longer train up gyms. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

As for spoofers, they need to require upkeep on all the Pokemon they place in gyms with a berry. So, if they have 200+ Pokemon in gyms, they will need 200+ berries to keep them in the gym (Unless a teammate unknowingly feeds a spoofer’s Pokemon a berry)

No one will be able to hold that many gyms, yes (unless someone is feeding your Pokemon, which I think is a BS and should be removed). But how easy will a spoofer be able to take down gyms alone?

Now, that we will have raids, it so easy to catch spoofers. If there is 10 of you in lobby/room or whatever it’s called and only 9 of you there, it’s so easy to know who is a spoofer and to report him. Niantic has to do something about that now more then ever.

I’m just glad Blissey spam is gone!

Ironically I have two Typhlosions with Solar Beam :unamused::unamused:

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Can no longer get Ace Trainer gold medal, if you hadn’t gotten it before today… I was so close… only a few more training battle to gold. :persevere:

I like some things and not sure about others…maybe spoofers won’t be able to hold as many gyms, but the gyms they do have will be much easier for them to upkeep since they can just eat cheetos in their parents basement and give all their gym mons candy in about ten minutes rather than physically going to each gym which depending on your situation could take an hour or more

Also I have noticed a lot more berry/revive drops from pokestops recently, like to the point I’m lower on poke balls than I have ever been. Wonder if that is intentional

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Typhlotion and ninetales can learn solar beam! There are some exceptions maybe?

Yes I agree! This gym system is so hard to take down so if there are spoofers It will be even more annoying

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